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Do 'Uncoupled' and 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' share an apartment?

Uncoupled When you watched episode 4 of, you rewind a lot, pausing every now and then to say, 'This is an apartment. The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselOr are you normal?

I finished the Netflix series over two weeks ago, so I'm not normal, but I wonder if Michael's (Neil Patrick Harris) parents live in the same apartment as Midge Maisel. Still wondering. (Rachel Brosnahan) Amy Sherman-Palladino's Prime Video series. The mystery continues to gnaw at me, so I decided to investigate. I compared scenes from both shows, examined the building that inspired Midge's apartment, and reached out to Netflix for some insight. Let's take a quick tour of the show.

Darren Star's new romantic comedy series follows newly singled New York City real estate broker Michael. So it's no surprise that the show is filled with lavish and expensive New York apartments.I'm also a fan of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, following her 1950s New York stand-up comedian Midge. So one gorgeous foyer of hers in particular caught my eye. If you've watched the show, you'll know that Midge's most prized possession is her gorgeous sprawling apartment on her side of Upper West, which she moved into in season one. In Season 4, Midge buys back her stunning apartment and invites her parents Abe and Miriam Wiseman to her. She — she used to live in another apartment in the same building — to live with her.

An apartment building on 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'
Photo: Prime Video

Maisel used real New York City exterior shots for Midge's The building apartment is The Strathmore at 404 Riverside Drive, but according to Curbedthe 10-room 'N' apartment in this building "almost exactly matches the layout, size, and views of the apartments on the show." Midge and her parents' apartments look pretty much the same, aside from a few key differences -- the front door, the wallpaper, the decor, and the spacing of the closets. But when I first saw Michael's parents' apartment inUncoupled, my heart jumped to Abe and Miriam's old house.

 About nine minutes into his fourth episode of Uncoupled, Michael opens a sturdy red door into a beautiful white and cream foyer with classic moldings. step in. There is a closet on the side. , and a view of the long corridor. As he walked down the hall, his father shouted from the first room to the right. It turns out that this is the kitchen. Interesting...

An apartment in 'Uncoupled'
Photo: Netflix

Front door, molding, closet, kitchen placement, wallpaper color, visible Wood/French Disconnected Apartment doors, stretched corridors all give off the energy of the Big Maisel apartment, so I consult the pilot to find out things. I was. At first glance (and his second, and honestly his third), the two apartments make him look like one. The layout is incredibly similar, the wooden floors match, the deadbolts in the front door and the ceiling lights in the hallway are the same. Upon looking, I noticed some minor discrepancies between the two living spaces.

The wallpaper in the two apartments has the same color but not the same pattern. The front door of Uncoupled's apartment is the same color as Maisel'sapartment, but the side facing the hallway is not solid wood. glass in the middle. In Uncoupledthe foyer molding looks a bit smaller, the closet doorknobs are different, and the distance between the closet and the wall is inconsistent. Uncoupledhas little space between them, whileMaisel has enough space to hang a picture on the wall. Uncoupled also shows a room on the other side of the foyer that is not shown inMaisel, but the scene passes quickly and is confusing.

An apartment in 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'
Photo: Prime Video

Reminded me of Midge's original apartment — a small gap between the closet and the wall , along with the pane of glass in the front door - I wondered if that was the answer to all of our problems, but how many differences there were between that apartment and the one in UncoupledHowever, while Maisel's apartment does not exactly match Uncoupled's, the similarities and common design elements are too close to be coincidental. increase. The varied look may be a product of the set's refurbishment. Perhaps Uncoupled used the Maisel apartment as inspiration, but built their own version. Or Uncoupled could have shot in the same building as Maisel, but used a slightly different apartment as a set.

When I was about to drop the investigation, a Netflix spokesperson for Uncoupled returned my email saying The detached confirmed that their space was also used by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Oh. proved again. largely. catch. They did not specify which apartment in Uncoupled was used for Maisel (or vice versa), so which sets were used for the two shows. Whether they are common remains unknown. The rep also shared that the owner's apartment has been used in a number of other TV shows, includingYounger, also a Darren Star project.

Judging by the spokesperson's comments, Uncoupled,Maiseland perhaps even Younger actually shared an apartment. It seems that there is a certain amount of capacity. But we may never know whichandapartments served as sharing sets. All three shows' apartments are a possibility, but the similarities between Michael's parents' house and Midge's house are so striking, and I still hope they're related.