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CUNY Removes Post Celebrating Alumni Who Worked On Johnny Depp's Legal Team

She was struck from the record.

CUNY scrubbed an article on a website celebrating graduates of Johnny Depp's legal team in response to backlash from "awakened" critics.

Citing the "pain" caused by the article to some readers, authorities said Yarelyn Mena (29), a 2015 Hunter College graduate and third-year lawyer from the Dominican Republic. I have zapping a work that features (years old).

"I apologize for understanding the strong negative emotions caused by this article and publishing the item," said Collegefix, reading a message from CUNY Brass. "Removed from the CUNYverse blog."

This work features a photo of a Fordham law school graduate sitting next to Depp during a legal slug fest with his ex-wife Amber Heard. , Mentioned her "rich legal investigation, contribution to draft movement, witness preparation". And a lawyer.

However, some readers claimed to indicate support for Depp and asked to cancel the article. I heard thataccused the actor of domestic violence in this case.

CUNY's desperate back pedals addressed these concerns and even got into some legitimate weeds.

"This article was not intended to implicitly or otherwise convey support for Mr. Depp, or to question the allegations made by Amber Heard," the statement said. Read. "Domestic violence is a serious problem in our society and I regret the pain this article may have caused."

CUNY Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson has blown up this move on Twitter.

The institution's moaning apology can even be read as questioning the jury's verdict in civil proceedings. CUNY's message to young talented graduates who enter the law is-we celebrate you only if we systematically approve your clients.

— KC Johnson (@ kcjohnson9)August 5, 2022

About the jury's verdict in civil proceedings, "he wrote. rice field. "CUNY's message to young talented graduates who enter the law is-only we celebrate you if we systematically approve your clients."

The jury is final In favor of Depp, he gave him $ 10 million for defamation, surpassing the $ 2 million he gave tohe heard.

In the original article, Mena recalled the long nights and public pressure caused by the explosive civil trial.

"We focused on the case 24 hours a day and lived in the bubble throughout the trial, so the pressure from the spotlight didn't affect us much every day. "Mena said. College fix.