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Mad man hits car with boomerang, smashes windows in furious rage against vaccines

Dramatic footage of a bizarre and horrifying road rage incident in which a shirtless Australian man smashes car mirrors and windows and beats drivers and passengers about vaccines. has appeared.

The ordeal was captured by a person sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

It begins with a shirtless man grabbing the driver's side mirror. Then move his face closer to the mirror and briefly examine your own reflection before starting to headbutt him.

The man brandished a wooden boomerang, hitting the mirror and then the driver's window, breaking the boomerang in the process.

The shirtless man destroyed the car's mirror and window while he was raging.

"I broke my boomerang," he spits.

"Are you catching this?" the driver asks the passenger when they are some distance from the shot before the man reappears with a second boomerang.

He again banged on the side mirror repeatedly, eventually removing the glass and banging on the window while shouting obscenities at the car's occupants.

The words ``You are a motherfucker'' can be seen in the screams.

Finally, the man hits the window with his fist and hits it with his open palm, completely shattering it into pieces.

At one point, the man grabbed the driver by his shirt.

Yelling 'idiots' at driver and passenger, man says they A "vaccine" that yells about a gain. He bangs on the steering wheel of the car and grabs the driver, Parker, by the neck.

"You both got the vaccine, but it cost you lives," the man exclaims.

"Leave me alone," the driver said to him as he left.

You can watch footage of the incident in the video player above.