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Alex Jones has more legal troubles ahead as Texas trial ends

Alex Jones was ordered to pay more than $4 million

A Texas jury awarded Alex Jones $4.1 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a child killed in 2012 and . Ordered to pay punitive damages of $45.2. Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. 

And his legal troubles are far from over.

Jones — a prominent conspiracy theorist and far-right broadcaster known primarily for fakes his news website Infowars and its eponymous talk series — last year became a victim of Sandy Hook. lost several defamation lawsuits filed by his family. His false allegations claimed the tragedy to be a "huge hoax" and led to severe harassment, primarily by his supporters, who led them to over-psychiatric abuse.

The trial to determine damages for the first of these lawsuits was against Jones media conglomerate and Infowars parent company The Press. It was held in Austin, Texas, where the freedom of Systems headquarters. Punitive damages awarded on Friday, August 5 marked the conclusion of the defamation lawsuit Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis filed against Jones and his company in 2018. 

Heslin and Lewis said her 6-year-old Jesse, one of her 20 children and her six adults who were shot dead in the Sandy Hook massacre, It was seeking at least $150 million in damages from her. 

Economist Bernard Pettingill, hired by plaintiffs to analyze Jones' net worth, saidJones and the free speech system were worth up to $270 million. testified, The Associated Press reported. Records show that Jones withdrew $62 million for himself in 2021 and defaulted in the lawsuit against him. We're putting it in," said Pettingill, calling Jones a "maverick" and a "revolutionary" for finding ways to monetize online messages.

Infowars parent company Free Speech Systems filed for federal bankruptcy protection. will face the first of its damages lawsuits. Other trials slated for the next few months confirmed that potential late filings were filed by families of other victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. is involved in a defamation lawsuit. One was filed in Texas by Leonard Posner and Veronique de la Rosa, who lost their six-year-old son Noah, to damages Jones for his repeated claims that the massacre did not occur. 

Another lawsuit filed in Connecticut involves nearly a dozen different families whose loved ones died in shootings. These families likewise sued Jones for defamation, claiming that he spread lies about the tragedy with the intention of "increasing viewership and sales." 

They also accuses Jones of secretly transferring funds from Free Speech Systems prior to the company's recent bankruptcy filingJones. In the damages trial in the Heslin and Lewis case, which claimed to be bankrupt before a jury, he was told by Chief Justice Maya Guerra Gamble that his bankruptcy status had not yet been determined.

Jones has lost all lawsuits brought by the family, and the damages trial taking place this year is only intended to determine the amount each plaintiff was ordered to pay. 

Last September, Judge Mayagera of his Gambling District Court held him liable for libel and emotional distress in a Texas lawsuit, citing his history of "bad faith." made a raredefault judgmentto do. Throughout the course of the proceedings, he had a callous disregard for the court's proceedings. Judge Barbara Bellis issued a similar default judgment in his November Connecticut case.

InfoWars founder and public affairs officer, Jones, has turned to facts about extreme national tragedies such as Sandy Hook plus his 9/11 attacks and other mass shootings. He notoriously uses his platform to promote inaccurate beliefs based on For years, he argued that the Sandy Hook massacre was a government "hoax" and a "false flag" fabricated by the "Deep State" to tighten gun control across the United States. published. The attention was "staged", describing the grieving family as "actors" of the government, working on behalf of the person who supposedly organized the scheme.

Heslin and Lewis, who testified in court, said Jones' lies and the resulting emotional and physical threats from his supporters had turned their lives into "living hell." and recalled instances in which people who believed his false claims threatened them. E-mailed and filmed at home and in the car. In testifying to his family in court on August 2, Jones admitted that he knew the Sandy Hook massacre was "100% real."

"Especially after meeting my parents. It's 100% real," he said, affirming when asked if he understood the lawyer to be "absolutely irresponsible." answered appropriately. To spread false allegations about the shooting. "They (the media) won't let me get it back," Jones said. }

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