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Young schoolgirls hang off the back of a speeding Adelaide train in a dangerous TikTok video

Two young schoolgirls have risked their lives hanging off the back of a moving train in a dangerous TikTok video. 

They uploaded footage of themselves standing outside a train speeding towards Belair Station, in south Adelaide, in their school uniforms. 

The Henley High School students seemed unconcerned by the dangerous act and clung on to the train for 20 minutes, 7NEWS reported. 

Pictured: Two schoolgirls hung off the back of a train speeding towards Belair station, in south Adelaide, and recorded themselves performing dance moves in a TikTok video 

The video showed one schoolgirl record herself cocking her hand and making finger gun motions towards the camera. 

She also performed TikTok dance moves in time to the smooth R&B backing track.   

Her friend looked calm and could be seen casually texting on her phone.   

Their desperate bid for fame has been viewed over 180,000 times.   

One of the girls also left a comment on the TikTok and revealed they held on for 20 minutes before the driver noticed and kicked them off the train.   

The Department of Education said Henley High School was aware of the video and working with the schoolgirls’ parents. 

The high school is using the incident as a learning opportunity for online safety.   

The video of the Henley High School students (pictured) has been viewed over 180,000 times

Education Director Chris Sheldon said: 'Henley High School takes incidents of unsafe behaviour very seriously.'

'The school is working with the parents of the students involved. SAPOL and transit police are now dealing with the matter.

'We have used this isolated incident as a learning opportunity for all of our students to keep themselves safe both online and in the community,' Mr Sheldon explained.     

A South Australia Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the incident was under investigation. 

The spokesperson said police were in the process of identifying the two students and no reports or arrest had been made.   

South Australia Police are investigating the incident and seeking to identify the two girls. Pictured: Belair station in south Adelaide 

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