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WW launch 'fakeaway' menu on Uber Eats as Brits indulge amid lockdown

Sticking to January healthy eating resolutions is never easy, but if lockdown is wreaking havoc with your good intentions, WW has now launched a 'fakeaway' menu on Uber Eats.  

Formerly known as Weight Watchers, the slimming group's lower calorie options include fish and chips, chicken curry and burger and chips, as well as a mushroom and spinach curry for vegans.

The menu will become available on January 23 across London, with Birmingham following on January 24. 

The calorie content of the meals hasn't been revealed, but it follows the WW 'Smartpoints' system, so that those on the plan can incorporate it into their daily allowance. 

WW has launched a healthy 'fakeaway' menu on Uber Eats, including delicious dishes such as chicken Tandoori skewers, a flavoursome curry, fish and chips and a moorish beef burger

The WW Dining Room 

Classic Options - £5

Chicken Curry 

Fish and Chips 

Classic Beef Burger with Chilli Chips 

ZeroPoints Options - £5 

Chicken Tandoori Skewers

Vegan Mushroom & Spinach Curry 

Extras - £2

Point-Free Pilau

2 Ingredient Naan Bread 

Cucumber Raita 

The new menu includes delicious dishes such as chicken Tandoori skewers, two curries, fish and chips and a beef burger.

It follows the WW 'Smartpoints' system, which assigns different foods 'points' based on their calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein content.

Those following any diet, which have different colour-based variations, are assigned a certain amount of points a day to keep track of their food intake.

But people are able to eat an unlimited amount of some foods or meals, which are known as 'zero point foods'.

And the new menu made sure to offer a hoard of 'ZeroPoint' options, such as a vegan mushroom and spinach curry, which are considered nutritional meals that form the basis of a healthy diet.

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, almost one third of Brits feel their eating habits have become worse in the pandemic, while 39 per cent are eating more comfort food than normal.  

UberEats' UK and Ireland general manager Toussaint Wattinne said: 'Sticking to New Year's resolutions can be tough in any year, but with everything going on at the moment it's harder than ever.

'Uber Eats offers a range of healthy eating options all year round, but January is the perfect time to launch this delicious fakeaway menu with WW to help those struggling with their resolutions, or simply for those who want a tasty, nutritious meal as a guilt-free treat.'

The WW menu, available on Uber Eats in London from January 23 is made to give those who are struggling to stick to their healthy eating a helping hand and a 'fakeaway' treat (stock image)

While Anna Hill, GM and SVP at WW UK, said: 'Many of us have the best of intentions to stick to our healthy eating goals at the start of the year, only to struggle to keep it up a few weeks in. 

'We want to demonstrate that eating healthy doesn't mean you need to restrict yourself as this will only cause cravings and lead to unhealthy food choices. 

'The WW Menu on Uber Eats showcases the types of foods you can still eat while following the WW programme, where no food is off limits.

'The menu offers a range of ZeroPoint foods that can guide you towards a healthier eating pattern as well as allowing you to have a takeaway treat without a guilty conscience, which goes a long way towards helping people stick to their longer-term healthy eating goals.' 

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