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Would you buy a matching sofa and dog bed?

Owning a pet has become quite a thing during lockdown, with animal-lovers willing to fork out substantial sums of money to add a furry friend to their home.

Take the price of puppies, which surged to more than £3,000 for some breeds last year, as people working from home or furloughed sought canine company.

For pet owners with deep pockets, who are eager to take indulging their pets - and themselves - to a new level, there is now the chance to purchase matching sofas and pet beds.

Would you buy a matching sofa and dog bed? These mustard coloured dog beds and human sofas (below) are from Made.com

The Moby designs from Made.com are available  at £179 for the dog bed and £449 for the sofa

Amid the growing demand for pets, fashionable furniture company Made.com has launched a range of cat and dog beds that match its most popular sofas.

It means a pet owner can ensure their interior design scheme can remain coordinated despite the new furry addition to their home.

The millennial favourite says its pet furniture means that animals can lounge in comfort, just like their owners.

Guido Spranzi, of Made.com, said: 'Our pets are considered part of the family, therefore why shouldn't they be treated to a place to rest that is as stylish as their human's?

'These on-trend pet beds are the perfect solution for style conscious homeowners who not only want to spoil their furry friends with a luxe place to snooze, but also want to ensure their interior remains chic.'

The pet beds mean that cats and dogs can curl up on a miniature version of what their owners can be sat on.

Remember the costs of owning a pet 

Some new pet owners have been forced to rehome their new cats or dogs, after realising how much commitment they are or having run into financial difficulties due to the pandemic. 

Before getting a dog or any other pet, make sure you have fully researched the commitments and the costs. 

From luxury pet beds to fashion-forward wardrobes, customised food plans and even their own Instagram accounts, it seems that there's nothing that owners won't do to make their pampered pets feel right at home.

Danielle Bayliss, of Quintain Living - which offers pet-friendly homes to rent in London's Wembley Park - said: 'We've welcomed quite a number of new four legged residents during lockdown with their owners enjoying the mental and physical benefits of adding a dog to the family, myself included. 

'Unlike some rental properties, pets are welcome at Quintain Living and with the host of amenities and services available for pampered pooches, it's quite simply a dog's life.'

It comes after the Government published its new Model Tenancy Agreement, including a bid to encourage landlords to accept tenants with pets.

The move was announced a year ago, but the template tenancy agreement has only now been published and is ready to use. 

It can be used as the basis of agreements with tenants. 

We take a look at the matching sofas and dog beds...

The Kooper dog bed from Made.com costs £129 and is a mini version of the same £449 design created for humans

Matching human sofas and dog beds: The Kooper has smooth curves, velvet upholstery and slim brass legs

The three styles include the Kooper dog bed that costs £129, almost a third of the human version with the same name, which costs £449.

The Kooper has smooth curves, velvet upholstery and slim brass legs, which its manufacturers says is a good fit for cats, mini dachshunds, pugs and small terriers.

The Moby in pink velvet costs £449 for the sofa, which has the added benefit of folding down into a sofabed

The Moby in pink velvet costs £179 for the dog bed, which has a padded seat and angled copper legs

Another style is the Moby in pink velvet, which costs £179 for the dog bed and £449 for the sofa.

The dog bed has a padded seat and angled copper legs, and is aimed at border collies or springer spaniels, according to its designers.

 A smaller version costing £129 is also available for smaller cats and dogs, including jack russells, French bull dogs or beagles.

The Kolton in Marl Grey is the cheapest pet bed offered at Made.com, and it costs £99

 The Kolton has a quilted shape and dark stain legs, and it is aimed at cats and medium-sized dogs.

And finally, the Kolton in Marl Grey is the cheapest pet bed in the range at £99. It compares to £449 for the chair.

The Kolton has a quilted shape and dark stain legs, and it is aimed at cats and medium-sized dogs.   

Using washable dog blankets 

Faux-fur dog blankets by Charley Chau

A quick and practical solution to keeping your sofa - and your pet's bed - free from muddy paws during the winter months is by using a blanket.

Christine Chau, of dog bed and blanket company Charley Chau, said: 'Blankets are a great way to luxe-up a dog bed, adding cosiness and warmth. But they're also brilliantly practical. Our canine companions pick up quite a lot of dirt and muck through the day that they take back to bed with them on their paws and in their coats. 

'It's much easier to throw a blanket into the wash on a regular basis than it is to strip the covers off a dog bed every week - or your sofa. Keep at least one blanket as a spare so you don't need to rush a wash through, and choose a style that works with the interior scheme around your dog's bed. Dog blankets don't have to be dull and boring.'

Charley Chau's collection of £75 faux-fur dog blankets are soft and are machine washable too. If you're looking for something less extravagant, there is the £45 Charley Chau double fleece blanket, which is made with from a soft fleece.

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