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Worried about energy bills? Time to switch supplier

Rising energy costs are a major financial worry for most households, but many have never switched supplier to save money. 

Research undertaken for The Mail on Sunday by money-saving consumer website TopCashback reveals that eight in ten households are worried about paying more for gas and electricity this year to heat and light their homes. 

Savings: A fifth of energy customers have never actively sought a cheaper tariff by switching supplier

But the same research indicates that a fifth of energy customers have never actively sought a cheaper tariff by switching supplier – despite significant savings that can be made by doing so. 

Adam Bullock, a director of TopCashback, says: 'We strongly urge anyone who hasn't switched before to look into it as it really can make a big difference to your outgoings.' 

Now is an ideal time as many households are consuming more energy than ever – due to the time of year and the fact the pandemic is keeping people at home far more. 

Separate research by comparison website Uswitch also shows that 68 fixed energy deals expire at the end of this month. 

Nearly half a million households will be affected – and if these customers do nothing but roll over on to their supplier's standard deal they will see their energy bill go up on average by £171 a year. Tomorrow marks the start of Big Energy Saving Week, a national campaign encouraging people to cut the cost of bills. They can do this by claiming financial support (if eligible), switching deals and becoming more energy efficient. 

Bullock adds: 'To save more money and to help reduce our carbon footprint, new energy-efficient habits need to be introduced into our homes and lifestyles. Anything from quick fixes such as fitting LED lights, to bigger changes like installing double glazing, will all have a positive impact in the long run.' 

Find out more about cutting bills down to size at bigenergysavingwinter.org.uk or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133. Customers can use website TopCashback Compare Energy to compare quotes, set up alerts to obtain the best deals, and get cashback if they end up switching.

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