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World Health Organization records biggest daily spike in Covid-19 cases

More than 230,000 Covid-19 cases were recorded yesterday in the darkest 24 hours of the pandemic so far, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The record-high number of new infections means 12.5million people worldwide have now been struck down since the pandemic began back in December. 

Outbreaks are growing in the US, Brazil, India and South Africa, statistics show. While European nations appear to have emerged from the worst of the crisis.

The coronavirus — which first emerged in China — has killed more than half a million but the number of infected patients dying each day has barely changed.

WHO chiefs have warned the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic is yet to come because the spread of the virus is accelerating in some parts of the world. 

The total number of cases worldwide has doubled in the last six weeks, according to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the UN agency.

Dr Tedros last week warned the coronavirus pandemic has still not reached its peak and admitted the situation is 'getting worse'.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the biggest daily spike in global Covid-19 cases during the entire pandemic and says the worst is yet to come

According to the WHO situation report on July 12, the US is steaming ahead with new infections — reporting 66,281 in one day.

To date, the country has reported at least 2.6million cases and 134,000 deaths, the most of any nation in the world.

Florida reported the largest single-day increase in positive coronavirus cases in any one US state since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

The state's Department of Health and Statistics said 15,299 people tested positive in the 24 hours leading up to Sunday.

Florida would rank fourth in the world for the most new confirmed cases in a single day, if it was a country — behind only the US, Brazil and India.






South Africa 






Saudi Arabia












The latest numbers come at the end of a record-breaking week in Florida, which saw 514 coronavirus fatalities.

Meanwhile, Brazil is nearing two million cases, with an increase of 45,048 on July 12. 

The country is widely feared to be the next coronavirus epicentre, having reported 631 deaths yesterday bringing its overall death toll to 72,100.  

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, 65, revealed that he had contracted Covid-19 on July 7, after spending months flouting social distancing recommendations and mostly shunning masks. 

The Americas are being ravaged by the virus, with Mexico (6,891), Columbia (6,803), Argentina (3,367), Peru (3,198) and Chile (2,755) all reporting some of the worst daily tolls.  

India reported a further 28,637 cases on Sunday, bringing its total to 849,553. Experts believe the tally will reach one million by the end of July.

In just three weeks, India went from the world's sixth worst-affected country by the coronavirus to the third, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

India's fragile health system was bolstered during a stringent months-long lockdown but could still be overwhelmed by an exponential rise in infections. 

South Africa recorded 13,497 new cases on Sunday, having seen a sudden spike in cases from May. 

It follows Health Minister Zweli Mkhize last week saying South Africa could run out of available hospital beds within the month. 

Brazil recorded 45,048 new cases on Sunday, according to the WHO's situation report. Pictured: Two men wearing masks on the beach of Rio de Janeiro 

Some 13,497 new cases were reported in South Africa on July 12. Health workers from the Butantan Institute test Guarani Mimbya Indigenous for Covid-19, Brazil

Covid-19 patients are being treated with oxygen at the Tshwane District Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa

India reported 28,637 new cases on Sunday. Health workers get into their gear screen residents for Covid-19 symptoms at Deonar slum in Mumbai

Health workers screen residents for COVID-19 symptoms at Devnar slum in Mumbai, India

'The storm that we have consistently warned South Africans about is now arriving,' he told lawmakers. 

Today South Africa will immediately ban on the sale of alcohol to reduce the volume of patients in hospitals and free up beds for Covid-19 patients. 

South Africa is also reinstating a night curfew to reduce traffic accidents and made it mandatory for all residents to wear face masks when in public. 

Cases in South Africa account for around half of those in the whole African continent — with 523,000 confirmed infections.

There are now concerns that Africa — which was spared from the first six months of the crisis — is seeing rocketing numbers of cases. 

Russia is the third worst hit country in the world after the US and Brazil, with 727,162 positive cases. 

But its daily increases are finally starting to decline, with 6,615 new Covid-19 cases reported on Sunday. 

Dr Tedros said last week the virus is not under control 'in most of the world' and is 'getting worse'. 

Speaking at a WHO briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic evaluation, Dr Tedros said: 'The virus has upended health systems in some of the world's wealthiest nations, while some countries that have mounted a successful response have been of modest means.

'We know that when countries take a comprehensive approach based on fundamental public health measures – such as find, isolate, test and treat cases, and trace and quarantine contacts – the outbreak can be brought under control.

'But in most of the world the virus is not under control. It is getting worse.

'More than 11.8million cases of Covid-19 have now been reported to WHO. More than 544,000 lives have been lost.

'And the pandemic is still accelerating. The total number of cases has doubled in the last six weeks.' 

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