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Woolworths supermarket hires chief medical officer to run coronavirus response Rob McCartney

Woolworths has hired a doctor with 20 years' experience as a chief medical officer to oversee the company's coronavirus response. 

Dr McCartney will create policies to combat the spread of the virus, including educating staff on the importance of wearing face masks 

The supermarket giant has already asked customers in New South Wales, Canberra and parts of Queensland to wear a mask while shopping but it's not compulsory.   

Melbourne is in the middle of stage 4 restrictions which mean all residents need to wear a mask if they leave the house outside of the 8pm to 5am curfew.

Dr Rob McCartney has a background in occupational medicine and has been hired by Woolworths as chief medical officer to develop a nationwide policy for face coverings

Dr Rob McCartney is the founder of Resile which advises companies like Qantas and Rio Tinto on occupational health and wellbeing

 Dr McCartney will advise Woolworths on a long-term virus-strategy to deal with constantly changing restrictions in each state

Dr McCartney is the founder of Resile which advises companies like Qantas and Rio Tinto on how to protect workers and reduce risk of exposure to illnesses including COVID-19. 

Woolworth's is Australia's largest private employer with 200,000 staff across its supermarkets, distribution centres and head offices.  

According to the Australian Financial Review, Dr McCartney will continue his work in private practice while he consults for the supermarket chain.     

Dr McCartney believes other companies will start appointing similar positions as they adjust to operating during the coronavirus crisis.

'The COVID-19 pandemic had bolstered the focus on employee and customer health, but the need to look after their wellbeing pre-dated the spread of coronavirus.' 

Woolworths Group safety and health manager, Brian Long said: 'Dr McCartney's appointment will ensure we keep at the forefront of occupational health, hygiene and public health policy as it relates to COVID-19.   

Woolworths advised shoppers in NSW, ACT and parts of Qld to wear a mask while shopping

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