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Woolworths delivery driver's heroic act after mum is locked out of her home by her four-year-old son

A mother has hailed a Woolworths delivery driver a hero after he helped when her four-year-old son accidentally locked the family out of the house. 

Melbourne teacher Jess Skogstad took her youngest son Logan, one, with her to greet the delivery on driver on Wednesday morning thinking her eldest Clark, four, would be fine to wait inside on his own. 

But Clark raced outside beside them to watch the delivery driver. 

When the mother-of-two asked her son if he had kept the door unlocked, he responded yes. 

Jess Skogstad's son Clark accidentally locked them out of the house while they were collecting their groceries from a Woolworths delivery driver on Wednesday (pictured together)

It wasn't until they headed back towards the house that she realised they were locked outside in the freezing cold.  

'Of course, we were in our pyjamas,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

With her phone locked inside and her husband and neighbour away, Mrs Skogstad would have had to walk the streets in her pyjamas to find help. 

'My other option was to walk and talk to the shops in our jammies to ask to use a phone,' she said. 

'I teach at a local high school so I wasn’t too keen on my students spotting me at the shops in my pyjamas.'

Mrs Skogstad darted back to the street and luckily found the Woolworth's delivery driver still packing up. 

He loaned her his phone and offered to wait with Mrs Skogstad to ensure her and the boys were not stuck outside for hours.  

'He happily dialled my grandfather to come save us with our spare house key,' she said. 

'He was so lovely and more than willing to help and even offered to wait till my grandfather arrived.  I told him not to worry because my grandfather lives a short drive away.'

Mrs Skogstad said she found the situation funny but it would have been very different had either of her sons been locked inside

Mrs Skogstad said she could not help but laugh at the situation but it would have been very different had either of the kids been locked inside.  

'[Thankfully] the stove wasn’t on and the kids were outside with me - I just laughed about it. We’ve been so worried about everything going on in the world, getting locked out in my pyjamas isn’t too big of a deal.

Shortly after the incident, Mrs Skogstad took to Facebook to praise the man as her 'hero' for saving the day.   

Woolworths said they were happy to hear about their delivery driver's compassion.

'We’re pleased to hear our driver was able to help Jess out, and thank him for going the extra mile,' WooliesX (Woolworths online) Head of eCom Operations Logistics Gavin Keelty told Daily Mail Australia.

'We love to see our team members doing their bit to bring a little good to someone's day – whether it’s in-store or on the delivery route.'

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