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Women reveal what they REALLY think about their husbands' weight gain

Many people gain weight after getting into a comfortable relationship, but these confessions prove it's not always easy to adjust to the changes in your partner's appearance.

Posting anonymously on sharing app Whisper, women from around the world spoke candidly about how their husbands' weight gain has impacted their relationship and changed how they feel about their spouse.  

One woman said her husband's flabby stomach is a 'huge turn off', while another said his weight gain is 'killing' their sex life. 

However, another woman admitted she feels more confident in her own appearance since her husband's weight gain and she is sabotaging his efforts to shed any excess pounds.

Women from around the world took to anonymous sharing app Whisper to confess how they feel about their husband's weight gain - including a woman from England, who has been encouraging her spouse to exercise and eat healthy 

A woman who lives in Tennessee, admitted that she hates herself for being more attracted to her husband since he gained weight, while knowing that he doesn't like his appearance 

One woman, from New Jersey, revealed that she and her husband don't have a sex life since he gained weight 

Another woman, whose location is unknown, confessed that she is happier since her boyfriend gained weight because it makes her feel more confident in her appearance 

A woman who used to be attracted to skinny men, admitted that she thinks her husband's weight gain is cute 

One woman, from an unknown location, explained that she still loves her boyfriend but is turned off by his stomach when they are being intimate 

Another woman confessed that she doesn't want her boyfriend to lose weight because he's softer to hug now 

A woman, who lives in England, admitted that she is less attracted to her husband since he gained weight 

A woman, from Oregon, confessed that she's disappointed about how her boyfriend's body has changed since his weight escalated 

One woman, who lives in California, vented frustration about her boyfriend making excuses to be less intimate since he gained weight 

Another woman, from California, revealed that her boyfriend has been continuously gaining weight since she became pregnant 

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