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Woman who lived through Spanish flu pandemic gets Covid jab on 108th birthday

A Scotwoman who survived two world wars and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic has   received her coronavirus jab on her 108th birthday.

Marion Dawson, believed to be the third oldest person in Scotland, was vaccinated at the church she attends in Houston, Renfrewshire.

After receiving her Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination she said: 'I'm glad it's passed. I never felt a thing.'

Marion Dawson, believed to be the third oldest person in Scotland, was vaccinated at the church she attends in Houston, Renfrewshire today 

Mrs Dawson, from Houston, was born in 1913. She was vaccinated by Dr Diane Fisher at Houston and Killellan Kirk, which is being used by her GP surgery to deliver Covid-19 vaccinations to the local community.

Dr Fisher, a partner at Strathgryffe Medical Practice, said: 'We are so excited to be starting our vaccinations of our over-80s population here in the church within the heart of Houston, and that our first patient to be vaccinated is doing so on her birthday, so it's a really great start to our campaign.'

Mrs Dawson is the oldest person in the area covered by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Kirk minister Rev Gary Noonan said: 'Mrs Dawson is a local treasure in Houston, having lived through two world wars, and until the lockdown she never missed a week at church.

'It's fitting she can get her vaccine in the kirk, a place she loves.

'The church should be at the very heart of communities, so I'm delighted we can offer our building to assist in this national effort. I encourage everyone to get the vaccine and help bring the hope that will allow us to gather safely once more.'

Mrs Dawson celebrating her 107th birthday last year at the same church, when she was presented with a cake 

Mrs Dawson was wife to the late Robert, mother to Jean and Allan, as well as a grandmother of two and great-grandmother of two.

For her birthday last year, she received a special greeting card from the Queen and was joined by friends and family at the same church for cake and a celebration. 

Dr Mark Storey, practice partner and one of the vaccination team said: 'It's been a very difficult year in general practice and society as a whole.

'In our practice we have a family of 10,000 patients, so we are delighted to start vaccinating, especially with Mrs Dawson. Happy Birthday, Mrs Dawson.'

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