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Woman watches driver smash light outside her house but her only concern is for him

This is the heartwarming moment a woman shows her concern for an elderly neighbour after he crashes into a light pole outside her home.

The footage, which was captured in Plymouth, Minnesota, U.S, shows the woman rise to her feet and walk over to her neighbour after he reverses his car into the metal pole outside her property.

The apologetic driver then emerges from his car and walks over to the damaged pole as the woman asks: 'Are you ok?' 

The neighbour swiftly reverses into the woman's home in Plymouth, Minnesota, U.S, on May 28

The driver passes the woman's house before reversing and making a quick turn in the road

During the clip, which was captured on May 28, the neighbour is seen driving past the house and swiftly reversing his car into the pole.

The pole crashes to the ground and glass shatters onto the street as the concerned woman looks up and investigates.

The driver gets out of his car and jokes: 'I did a good job on that.'

However the concerned woman walks over to the passenger and replies: 'Are you ok?' 

The driver reassures the woman he is fine before throwing humour at the situation once more and replying: 'I'm ok. I was just coming to say ''hi'' to you.'

The two neighbours then make a hugging gesture towards each other as the woman asks him: 'How are you?'

The metal pole comes crashing to the ground and glass shatters on the street as the car hits it

The concerned woman walks over to the driver as he emerges from his car and asks if he is 'ok'

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