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Woman wants to end weightloss challenge with friend

A bride-to-be was branded 'vindictive and rude' for being jealous of a friend's weight loss. 

The bride-to-be, 34, believed to be from the US, teamed up with her friend, who is a new mother, to shed some weight ahead of her wedding later this year. 

But while the friend has stuck to the program and lost 18lbs, the bride-to-be has found herself gaining weight over the last few weeks. 

A bride-to-be was branded 'vindictive and rude' for being jealous of a friend's weight loss. Stock image 

The new mother wrote: 'My friend is getting married in June so she volunteered since she wants to lose 15- 30 pounds before her wedding. We've never so much as has a harsh word before so, sure why not?

'I am down 18 pounds and she's gained a few. Ok, she's had a rough start, plenty of time to turn it around. Except that she's gets angry about hurtful to me about any success I have.

'I post a picture of my meal prep, it's a snide comment about rabbit food or 'must be nice to have the time to cook'. She works part-time, I would full-time. If share the notification I get for hitting all my workouts this week, then i'm 'rubbing it in her face'.'

Many responses warned the woman that she might have to end the friendship and argued she shouldn't be worrying about her friend's reaction.

One person wrote: 'IMO she is a terrible 'friend'. Weight loss challenge aside she is using you as an emotional doormat because of her own lack of commitment to her diet and exercise. 

Many responses argued the woman might have to end her friendship and reassured the woman she isn't responsible for her friend's feelings

'That's not friendship. I'm guessing that she felt better about her own weight when you were heavier and now she feels insecure and is projecting it on to you.'

'Looks like competition showed you who she really is. The situation might not be the only thing to exit,' another said. 

A third added: 'You need to extricate yourself from the mentality that you are responsible for her feelings. She is being rude and vindictive. Call the challenge off and let her know you don't feel like it's healthy for your friendship.

Others advised the woman to stop talking about her weight loss to avoid conflict with her firned

Others shared advice for how they would attempt to resolve the situation without conflict. 

One said: 'Communication, open and honest about how she feels and how that makes you feel and if you still receive unnecessary and unwanted push back to your own success, then just cut ties with her, because it's clear she likes to deny personal responsibility and blame anyone who accidentally highlights their failures'

Another wrote: 'I am a big chicken when it comes to confrontation. I would just say, 'i'm not a big fan, i'm not going to use it anymore'. Find a different way to monitor your success and track goals. Better yet, say nothing and just find something new.'  

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