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Woman taking her 'emotional support' PIG for a walk is accosted by FURIOUS Karen

A pet owner was taking her emotional support pig for a walk with her friend when they were accosted by a furious 'Karen' who had a meltdown over the size of the animal and his feces.  

Reddit user u/InternationalPen2224 posted a video of the confrontation on the 'Public Freakout' forum three weeks ago with the caption: 'When you have physical beef with a big pig.'  

In the three-minute video, the outraged stranger marches up to the pet owner and her pal while the pig — named Chorizo — sniffs at a tree, much like a dog would before going to the bathroom. 

Stranger danger: A pet owner was walking her emotional support pig when she was harassed by an outraged 'Karen' who had a meltdown over the animal being in a park 

'Yeah, I want to know why you have a pig in the middle of a park,' the woman demands, prompting the pet owner's friend to step in.  

'We're on a walk. Can you just leave us alone? Obviously...you're not a part of our walk,' the friend says. You don't have to be here.'

In typical Karen fashion, the woman won't back off. Even though the pig is clearly on a leash, she starts lecturing them. 

'This is a community that has bylaws,' she says. 'And if you have a dog, you have it on a leash.'

'He's on a leash!' the friend hits back, while the pig's owner adds: 'He's under control, my pet. More than your dog, I'm sure.'

Going viral: Reddit user u/InternationalPen2224 posted a video of the confrontation on the 'Public Freakout' forum three weeks ago

Doing his business: The three-minute clip shows the stranger approaching the pet owner and her friend while the pig, Chorizo, sniffs at a tree and goes to the bathroom

The woman tries another tactic and starts griping about how it's a 'huge animal' and 'eating the landscape.' 

That's when Chorizo decides to defecate next to the tree, which really sets the woman off. 

'Look at that! Look at that right on our lawn,' she complains. 

The owner goes to pick up the poop like any dog owner would, which her friend points out. 

'Pig's poop all the time, just like a dog,' Chorizo's owner adds. 'If you have a problem, then you contact my lawyer.' 

Hard to handle: The outraged woman demands to know why 'they have a pig in the middle of a park' and refuses to leave them alone, even after they point out he's on a leash

The stranger gripes about how the pig is 'huge' and 'eating the landscape'

Wont' back down: She insists she is going to call the homeowner's association after they tell her that Chorizo is an emotional support animal and asks where they live

While the friend begs the woman to leave them alone, she starts to threaten to call the homeowner's association to report them, leading the owner to reveal that Chorizo is an emotional support animal.  

'You have a pig — a pig as an emotional support animal! the stranger yells, demanding to know why she hasn't seen them before if they have been living here for a year.  

'I know everything that goes on around here, I do. I know everything,' she says, insisting she is going to take a picture of the animal to report it. 'It's a park that has nice grass and he's taking his business on the grass.'

The woman claims she has never heard of a pig being an emotional support animal before and asks for their names and where they 'actually live.'

'Karen, you don't need to know anybody's name, but we sure know yours,' the pig owner's friend hits back. 'Can you please leave? We're gonna call the police 'cause you're harassing us now. 

Wow: The pet owner and her friend threaten to call the police because she is harassing them, and she finally leaves

Threat: The video ends with the stranger yelling: 'I am following up on this! I am following up!'

'Call the police, because this is just too much,' the owner says, calling Chorizo to come to her. 

The video ends with the stranger yelling: 'I am following up on this! I am following up!' 

Thousands of people have commented on the footage, with many insisting they would be delighted to see a pig out for a walk.  

'She tries so hard to figure out why she’s even mad about it: “Dogs have to be on a leash!” “He’s pooping on the grass!” “He’s huge!”' one person pointed out. 

'She keeps saying, "I want to know why..."Why not just be curious and interested then,' someone else asked. 'Why does it have to be a total offense to your entire being. Relax already.'

'If I was out on a walk and saw that trundling towards me on a leash I would laugh my arse off, and want to say hello,' another person insisted. 

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