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Woman shot in the leg while men attempt to rob another patron Beverly Hills' Il Pastaio restaurant

A woman was shot in the leg while dining outside a Beverly Hills restaurant frequented by celebrities when armed men tried to rob another patron.

Around 2.09pm, the shooter and two accomplices tried to steal a $500,000 Richard Mille watch from another man at Il Pastaio when the woman was hit in the leg by gunfire, TMZ reported.

Witnesses said that the shooter fired the weapon three or four times after the man resisted in giving the suspects his watch. The suspects reportedly took off on foot with the man's watch as diners ran for safety.

Witness David Rafaelli confirmed to KNBC that the suspects wanted the man's watch.

'He wanted his watch, and while they were fighting with him, he pulled the gun and the gun shot one of the girls,' Rafaelli said. 

The victim is seen talking on her phone as paramedics wheel her away from Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills, where she was shot in the leg

She was dining outside when the shots rang out during a robbery

People were pictured running for their lives after shots rang out, as rapper DaniLeigh sits in her G-Wagon

The witnesses were described as three young black males who demanded a $500,000 watch from a man eating at the restaurant

Crime scene photos show a heavy policy presence outside of Il Pastaio after the incident

The man with the watch resisted which led to a loud argument that escalated fast into gunshots being fired

Pictures taken show customers fleeing for cover past a parked Mercedes. Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields allegedly shepherded a large group of people into a nearby parking garage.

Rapper DaniLeigh, who has been dating DaBaby, had just parked in front of the restaurant and was in her G-Wagon when shots rang out, TMZ reported.

Drew Hancock said his girlfriend was shot and described the chaos as 'crazy' in an interview with KNBC.

The ricocheting bullet grazed the back of her calf, he told the outlet, and photos show her left leg wrapped in bandages.

'I stood up because I'm a big guy and people generally calm down when I'm around,' he said. 

'I immediately turned toward my girlfriend and as I was throwing her and her friend through the doorway, there were shots.'

The victim was treated by Beverly Hills Fire Department Paramedics and was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a press release.

A second victim was also injured and treated at the scene.

Henk Scholten and Ran Ma, co-founders of the smart-sock startup Siren, were standing in line waiting for a table when the shooting happened and told Variety that the restaurant was packed.

'Everyone started running in every direction,' Ma said. 'I dropped behind a tree. I was in high heels. I'm not going to get very far in four-inch Louboutins.'

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