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Woman overhauls her 'gross' spare room into a spacious modern bathroom using DIY hacks

A woman has revealed how she turned a poky and outdated spare bedroom into a bright and airy bathroom, without spending a fortune. 

Leah Holden, from Lincolnshire, posted before and after photographs of an unused room in her house on Facebook's DIY On A Budget UK.

Spending around £2,500 on labour and materials, she was able to keep costs down by shopping for bargains, including picking up a trendy clawfoot tub for just £80 on eBay.

The Facebook group, which has over 96,000 members, were impressed, agreeing that it could be the best transformation that's been shared. 

 A British woman has stunned Facebook 's DIY On A Budget UK, after unveiling how she transformed her spare bedroom into a bathroom (pictured) 

Leah Holden posted a before photograph (pictured) of the small single bedroom, alongside an after shot of her DIY bathroom 

Leah who hadn't had a bathroom in her house for a few months, received over 2,000 likes on her impressive transformation 

Leah posted side-by-side photos of the room, that appeared small and dark before being overhauled.

Captioning the images, she said: 'A few long months of not having a bathroom and it’s finally done. Added a pic of the before so you can see how gross it was'

Leah bought budget items from the likes of eBay and Asda, customising them to achieve her desired look.

One person wrote: 'I see the photo on the left looks bloody awful! The photo on the right, vibrant bright colours have brought life into the room'

Another said: 'Who would have thought that your tiny spare bedroom could look so BIG as a bathroom?! It's absolutely stunning' 

A third added: 'It is the best transformation I've seen on this page! Incredible work!' 

Leah (pictured) said it cost around £2,5000 to transform the room, using products bought from eBay and UK High Street stores 

Many people commented that the room looked bigger after the transformation, saying it's the best they've seen posted in the group 

Bathroom materials 

Clawfoot bath £80 eBay

Bath painted in Valspar v700 from B&Q

Bathroom accessories from House of Fraser sale

Budget items from the likes of eBay and Asda 

Bathroom floor tonsoftiles.co.uk 

Replying to a question about the new clawfoot bathtub, she said: 'We got it from eBay and it was just white, painted it pink'.

Leah's £80 bath was painted in Valspar v700 from B&Q and primed with Zinsser. 

She also bought bathroom accessories from the House of Fraser sale. 

One person asked: 'Where did you get the bathroom flooring? Love it, I'm doing my bathroom at the moment and struggling for a pattern flooring'

'Thanks, they're tiles from tonsoftiles.co.uk,' Leah responded. 

A third commenter said: 'Not sure what is worse on the original - the carpet or the bed. Looks amazing like a totally different room, very light and airy' 

Leah received a stream of questions from people asking which products she used to customise the room