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Woman killed herself after writing note apologising for 'pain' she caused her wife, inquest hears

A desperate housewife battling credit card debts killed herself after she penned a heartbreaking suicide note in which she apologised for 'for every tear' she said she had brought on her family.

Cindy Freeman-Jenkins, 31, vanished from her home after she feared financial issues with a credit card firm and a catalogue company were wrecking her marriage.

She was found dead in a disused graveyard 18 days later with £40 in cash on her after she consumed a large quantity of prescription medication in September 2017.

A note written to Mrs Freeman-Jenkins' wife Natalie, 38, was found next to her body.

It read: 'To my beautiful wife. I am so sorry for every tear and all the pain I have caused you. If I could take it back I would.

'You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and were brought into my life. I realise I am the worst thing that happened to you.

Cindy Freeman-Jenkins, 31, (pictured) was found dead in a disused graveyard in Blackley, Manchester, 18 days after she disappeared. Her death has been ruled a suicide at an inquest

'I wish that I could erase myself from your heart. You deserve peace and happiness. I just pray that you know that I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted to love you and make you as happy as you made me.'

An inquest heard Mrs Freeman-Jenkins, from Blackley, Manchester, already had mental health issues dating back to when she was 13 following the death of her mother in 1999.

She had made attempts on her life but in the run up to her death in September 2017, her condition was worsening due to her financial situation.

In a statement Natalie told the Manchester hearing: 'Cindy and I had been together for just over nine years and married for five years. 

'She was in debt and was just in a very, very dark place in the months before her death.

'She was just really, really struggling and sadly I just knew at some point her life was going to end.

'The first few years of us being together, she was in a really good place. She was also able to talk if things were getting on top of her.

'Her depression was caused by thoughts of her mother or if she had really bad dreams. 

Cindy's wife Natalie Freeman-Jenkins (pictured) told the court Cindy 'definitely wanted to take her own life' and was 'in a very, very dark place' at the time of her death in September 2017

'In 2017 she seemed a lot more emotional and unstable with her mental health. She received a call from a credit card company and was worried about the debt she was in.

'She called the credit card company and said: "Thank you very much. I hope you are happy because you have ended my marriage now".

'I calmed her down and she messaged me about saying 'I love you'. She texted later asking where I was, but when I replied, I did not hear back from her until 1pm when she said she must have dozed off.

'This was the last message that I received from here. She tagged other family and friends in a sentimental Facebook post at 2:30 pm.

'When I got home at 4:45 pm she wasn't there and I began thinking something was wrong and I knew that Cindy wasn't coming home.

'In our life-time together, we were never apart and I just had this feeling. If we weren't speaking to each other by phone, there was always a text message but I wasn't getting any replies texting or ringing. When I walked through the door, I just knew.'

The court heard Cindy had a history of mental health problems and had been hospitalised in 2016 after taking prescription medication after a phone call with a catalogue company to whom she owed money. 

Natalie added: 'She definitely went to take her own life. She was in a very, very dark place and she would not just leave me.

Cindy's body was found in the disused cemetery of St Peter's Church in Blackley, Manchester

The graveyard where Cindy's body was found along with empty packets of prescription meds

'It breaks my heart to say that, but I knew that is what she had done. It wasn't an accident, 100 per cent. She knew what she was doing that day. She hid herself so she wasn't found.'

'I think Cindy was failed mostly by the mental health services. She never got the support she wanted.

Ms Freeman-Jenkins described Cindy as 'an amazing person who would do anything for anybody'. 

The hearing was told Cindy was found on an overgrown former cemetery next to St Peter's Church, Blackley, by a dog walker.

Empty packets of medication were found next to her body but a post mortem was unable to establish a cause of death.

Police also found a bottle of Doctor Pepper and Lucozade which she bought on the day of her disappearance from a convenience store plus bank cards, a mobile phone and £40 in cash which had been withdrawn from an ATM at a Tesco store. Police ruled out foul play. 

Recording a verdict of suicide coroner Nick Stanage said: 'This is a very sad case. Mrs Freeman-Jenkins had for many years suffered from mental health problems, left her home address on September 12, 2017, and walked to a disused cemetery, where she consumed an excess quantity of prescription medication. Her body was subsequently found on September 30.

'The deceased's wife was clear that this was definitely not an accident and definitely was a situation where she had decided to take her own life.'

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