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Woman becomes unlikely star of MSNBC news broadcast when she falls off bike while taking a selfie

A woman who was attempting to take a selfie unwittingly became the star of MSNBC’s live coverage for a moment on Monday morning after she lost control of her bike and fell to ground, while cycling along the Santa Monica boardwalk in Southern California. 

The reporter was presenting live from the scene discussing the CDC’s new face mask guidelines, but as far as viewers were concerned all the action was taking place directly behind him. 

The cyclist could be seen enjoying the sea breeze and relishing the moment before she decided to take her hands off the handlebars in order to snap a selfie. 

A woman who was biking along Santa Monica's Ocean Front Walk was attempting to take a selfie when she lost control of her bike and hit the ground

The accident in which the woman did not appear to be hurt was all caught perfectly on camera just as MSNBC was reporting live from the scene

Milliseconds after she made the decision, she suddenly lost her balance, tumbling from the bike and hitting the ground.

Others who were jogging and biking nearby would have seen the accident, but tens of thousands of viewers who were also watching at home or at work also got to share in the woman’s misfortune.

It’s not clear if the reporter was ever told about what had been happening behind him during his live broadcast, but 6 seconds of his reportage went viral after it was recorded and tweeted. 

By Monday evening, it had been viewed almost 400,000 times.    

The footage ended up going viral after it was sent after it was placed on Twitter

'Actually, the cyclist falling in the background is a very realistic representation of what the new CDC mask guidelines can bring to our struggle against COVID -19’, wrote one Twitter user.

‘It’s bad to love this and I do,’ added Tom Blake.

‘She did NOT stop filming, she knew that was gonna be a well received ending to her story,’ wrote Karyn Spencer.

‘The no-hands bike selfie times as the news crew is positions behind you is not for amateurs,’ tweeted Mike Dorsey.

‘That bike said “NOT TODAY SIS”’, wrote another humorous tweeter.

‘OK I’m ready to write 1,000 words about this person stat.’ joked Kelly Cohen.

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