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Woman bans her parents from her wedding after a 14-year grudge over a dog

Anyone who grew up with a childhood pet will know exactly how deep the bond goes and just how upsetting it is when something separates you. 

But for one British woman, her dog being taken away during childhood was an event she was never able to overcome - or forgive her parents for.

The 23-year-old, now living in the US, anonymously posted on the popular Reddit forum 'Am I The A******', asking whether she was in the wrong for banning her parents and brother from her wedding. 

Her reasoning was that 14 years ago, when she was nine, they gave away the family golden retriever she had a special bond with because of her brother's allergies.  

She told the forum her parents are devastated and her brother has branded her 'evil' and she didn't find much support from commenters, who quickly sided with her family. 

A British woman, 23, now living in LA, anonymously posted on the popular Reddit forum 'Am I The A******', asking whether she was the one in the wrong for hanging on to the grudge (stock photo)

Explaining the background she wrote: 'My parents rescued a golden retriever puppy from the shelter, named Harry. My family quickly fell in love with Harry, however, I feel as though my bond with him was extra special.

'This changed when my older brother began complaining about allergies, which we later found out was due to Harry. My parents told us that we'd have to re-home Harry, but assured us that he'd be going to a good home.'

The original poster went on to explain that she asked her mother, now 45, and father, now 47, if her brother could regularly take allergy medication in a bid to keep the dog.

Her parents declined on the basis that they were worried about the potential long-term affects of taking the medication, and subsequently made sure the dog went to a loving home.

The woman banned her brother and parents from her wedding for giving away the dog her sibling was allergic to

The woman, who admitted to resenting her parents for their decision, left for a US college to be further away from her family while also accepting their offer to pay for her tuition and a monthly $1,500 towards her $3,000 Los Angeles rent.

'My family didn't take the news lightly,' said the bride-to-be. 'When they asked me why, I explained to them that I hadn't forgiven them for re-homing Harry, and that their presence would make things awkward for me. 

'My parents are apparently really upset about this according to my older brother, who called me "evil" for doing what I'm doing.'

Commenters were left gobsmacked by her story, and one started off by mentioning her complete disregard for her brother's health.

'I'm allergic to pets, more so to cats than dogs. When I was in 8th grade my mom and I found a puppy abandoned by the side of the road and brought her home. I took allergy medicine. I even got allergy shots,' she said. 

Commenters were outraged at her decision and branded her uncaring for holding such a ridiculous grudge

'About six months later I came down with pneumonia and missed three weeks of school. Two weeks after going back, I was in the hospital with asthmatic bronchitis. The doctor explained to my parents that while the dog wasn't making me sick, per se, the stress on my lungs was making me more likely to get ill.'

 'As an allergy sufferer, "just take allergy medicine" is one of the most uncaring things I can be told.'

Another branded her as chronically uncaring saying: 'This part is especially nauseating: "However, I feel as though my bond with him was extra special." This is the problem. You think you're special and no one else matters.'

A fellow commenter was horrified and wrote: 'There's so many people who haven't seen or talked to their parents in years because of childhood trauma and your issue is they gave away a dog because if made your brother sick.'

'You don't seem to have resentment problems when they keep writing checks for you. Pay for your home and education. But all of a sudden you can't stand to see them. Your brother's right. You're evil.'

A fourth, seeing the funny side in the chaos simply said: 'I started dying of laughing when she mentioned how she had a deep connection with her dog. I knew where it was going from there.' 

Commenters couldn't believe the original poster was willing to take her parents money while also icing them out of her life

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