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Wild moment Ford Falcon crashes into the back of a ute on M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast

A hoon in a Ford Falcon has crashed into the back of a ute on a busy highway, sending both cars spinning across lanes and debris flying across the road.

Footage posted to Dash Camera Owners Australia shows the ute travelling northbound on the M1 at Beenleigh, in Brisbane's southern outskirts, just after 9am on Thursday.

The lime green Ford races up behind the ute at high speeds and makes a last-ditch attempt to swerve into the left lane.

But the attempt to navigate around the vehicle fails and the sedan ends up ploughing into the back of the ute on the highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

The ute was left spinning on its axis, while the Ford is slung into the left roadside barrier before bouncing off and sliding to the opposite side of the road. 

A horror crash unfolded on the M1 in Beenleigh on Thursday after a Fold Falcon rear-ended a ute (pictured moments before the collision)

The ute appeared virtually undamaged while the Ford's back door and front bumper were ripped off during the impact.   

The driver travelling behind them, who captured the footage, pulled over immediately to contact emergency services.

'Copy Stu, can you call the police? There has been a big accident on Motorway one, exit 34,' he says over the radio. 

The driver said paramedics rushed to the scene, but fortunately no one was hurt.

'Everyone was ok, the green car driver was not looking too good but [the driver] was sitting up with the ambulance staff,' he said. 

The Ford Falcon tried to swerve into the left lane too lane and smashed into the back of the ute

The force of the impact drove the ute's tray into the rear driver's side door and sent both cars spinning across multiple lanes 

'[It] was his stupid fault anyway. I’d like to know what he was thinking.'

Others agreed, with many commending the ute driver for being fast to react after being hit.

'Nice recovery by the Ute driver 9.5/10, ' one social media user commented. 

Another added: 'Amazing control by the ute driver!!! Hope that spastic in the green cars a little worse for wear!' 

'Damn, ute driver was lucky it didn't roll. Well recovered, kept their wits about them,' a third said. 

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