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Wife, 66, stabbed her husband, 78, to death 'after he belittled her for serving bubble and squeak'

A woman stabbed her husband to death following a row over serving bubble and squeak with a steak for her birthday, a court heard today.

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed David Jackson, 78, three times with a kitchen knife hours after they quarrelled during a family meal to celebrate her birthday.

Jackson told the court her husband got angry because she had prepared a side dish of bubble and squeak vegetables to eat alongside the expensive meal purchased by their daughter to celebrate her birthday.

'I was just horrified - it was the eyes again - they turned on a sixpence,' Jackson told the jury.

'I was absolutely horrified that he was being so nasty. The conversation which had been loud and chatty, just died.

'I said don't do this again and started to cry and I went to the side and I was crying quietly.

'I was just inside, in bits - my whole birthday being ruined - all over bubble and squeak.'

The judge yesterday authorised the release of the 18-minute 999 call that was played to the jury alongside bodycam footage of her arrest as the prosecution case ended

She is accused of killing him with a kitchen knife after claiming she could not put up with him anymore. Pictured: During her arrest in video released yesterday

She added: 'This was the final straw because in December I had mentally said I wasn't going to put up with it.

'He had the contempt for me and he had been so rude and obnoxious in front of our daughter. It wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back but in was in the bundle.

'I cried and cried and cried, I was so upset about the whole of the last year of my marriage. As far as I was concerned my marriage had just imploded.

'It wasn't earth shattering but belittling me over bubble and squeak.'

After the argument, Jackson said she had taken a kitchen knife to her bedroom intending to use it to take her own life but instead walked into her husband's bedroom to speak to him.

'I wanted him to say, "I am sorry, Pen". He didn't, he just said, "For God's sake you are pathetic, get on with it and go back to bed",' she said.

'It was just like, "Pass the sugar". I was in utter despair. I looked at him and said, "I have done nothing wrong, admit you are sorry". He said, "For God's sake shut up". He literally couldn't be bothered - it was utter contempt.'

Mrs Jackson is on trial for the murder of Mr Jackson after he was stabbed three times at their £300,000 bungalow on February 13.

She is accused of killing the retired colonel with a kitchen knife and denies murder but admitted to manslaughter.

She continues to ramble while in the back of the police car, which one of the officers bodycam footage also picked up, as well as when at the station

Yesterday Bristol Crown Court was shown footage of when Jackson was arrested while refusing to help her 'abusive' husband as he lay dying on the kitchen floor.

She calmly talks police through what she allegedly did to Mr Jackson after they arrived at their home in Berrow, Somerset.

She gives horrifying remarks to the officers including 'if there's any luck you'll be too late', 'I should have stabbed him a bit more' and 'I might go and stab him again'.

But during her arrest Jackson appears more concerned with retrieving her coat and slippers from her house, which she repeatedly asks officers for.

The defendant told Bristol Crown Court yesterday she stabbed him after becoming 'petrified' by violence she was subjected to throughout their marriage.

She claimed she 'walked on eggshells' and 'lived with a knot in my stomach' and told the jury: 'I didn't know if I was waking up to nice David or nasty David.'

The judge authorised the release of an 18-minute 999 call that was played to the jury alongside bodycam footage of her arrest as the prosecution case ended.