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Which tier could my area be in? Use our Covid postcode search for latest infection rates

On Dec 2, England will emerge from its month-long lockdown and return to a three-tier system. 

As previously, the country will be divided into tiers of  "medium" (Tier 1), "high" (Tier 2) and "very high" (Tier 3) risk areas. 

The Government will decide which tier each region is placed in after Dec 2 based on "the number of cases" in each area, but particularly the numbers of people aged over 60 testing positive for the virus, according to the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

Details of the preliminary tier allocations are expected on Nov 26. The tiers will be reassessed every fortnight. 

Currently, the tiers are suspended as a national lockdown is in place. Use our postcode search here for the latest on infection rates in your area. This data will update as the Government feeds through the latest numbers. 

Elsewhere in the UK, Wales has emerged from their ‘fire break’ lockdown, and non-essential businesses have reopened.

Scotland has imposed a country-wide travel ban and imposed Tier 4 restrictions across 11 of its central and western areas, including Glasgow. These restrictions will remain in place until December 11. 

Northern Ireland also announced a circuit breaker lockdown which will begin just one week after its last lockdown expired. These rules will start on November 27 and will see the closure of all non-essential businesses, among other restrictions across the entire country. 

Which tier will my area be in?

Mr Shapps told BBC Breakfast on Nov 24 that although half the country may be placed in the strictest Tier 3 alert level, this would still allow for more freedoms than the national lockdown currently in place for England. Schools and universities will remain open under every tier in England. 

The new measures will last until at least March.

The new Covid Winter Plan will see the end of the ‘stay at home’ instruction, and the reopening of shops, gyms, personal care and the leisure sector.

Collective worship, weddings and outdoor sports can resume and people will no longer be limited to seeing one other person outdoors, as the rule of six returns once more.  

Hospitality can reopen in the two lowest tiers, with the 10pm curfew tweaked into a 10pm last orders.  In tier three, sales are restricted to take-aways and delivery. 

Dr Mike Tildesley, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, which advises the Government, said he expected a lot of areas of England to emerge from lockdown into the highest tier.

He told BBC Breakfast on Nov 24: "We have fairly good evidence from Tier 3 that it was probably sufficient to take the R number below 1, the lower tiers it seemed that that wasn't the case and so what we might expect, I would expect that probably initially quite a lot of regions may find themselves in Tier 3 but we may find some kind of stepwise move out of that."

Dr Tildesley noted that there is usually a lag in seeing the effect of any control policies on the rate of infection, and said he expected that a fortnight after the current lockdown in England ends there may be more movement in the tiers.

He said: "It may be initially we might see slightly more severe tiers but then when we start to see the effect of the lockdown, 1-2 weeks after the lockdown finishes on December 2, we might see some regions stepwise dropping down the tiers."

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