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Where is my free Google Nest Mini from Spotify?

Spotify customers have been left frustrated after signing up for a free smart speaker gadget, only to have no contact from the streaming giant weeks later. 

Those who pay to use the music platform were told they could get a free Google Nest Mini at the beginning of September.

However, hundreds of Premium customers have taken to social media to say they have not heard anything from Spotify since taking advantage of the offer.

The streaming service saw huge demand with thousands applying for the smart speakers, with it pulling the freebie just 36 hours after advertising it.

Spotify were giving away free Google Nest Minis to its Premium customers earlier this month 

The offer was open only to Premium Spotify customers, who pay monthly for the service to ensure they don't have to listen to any adverts, unlike those who use the service for free.

If you are a Premium customer, you would have been able to claim the device by logging into your Spotify account through an internet browser.

The deal will have appeared and customers simply clicked through the link to claim theirs.

It was available for both new and existing customers, however, Spotify have said that there was limited eligibility for those with Premium Family, Duo and Student.

The offer was pulled due to high demand with many customers saying it was already too late to nab one by the time they had heard about the deal.  

Although it wasn't revealed why Spotify decided to offer this, tech experts believed it could be entice customers to sign up to their service.

It looks like this has worked for the streaming giant as people took to social media to suggest they had joined just to get a free Google Nest.

However, numerous other users said that weeks after applying for a free device, which has a £49 RRP, they still hadn't heard anything from Spotify.

Many were not told either way whether they could expect a Nest Mini or not.

This Spotify customer said he had been waiting over 13 days to hear back from the service

Another Twitter user said they were still waiting to receive their Google Nest 

One customer said she still hadn't heard from Spotify since 2 September

Another user said they were still waiting to hear either way about the Google Nest offer 

Many on social media said they were still waiting for an email from Spotify but hadn't received anything. 

A few of the This is Money team also signed up for the offer, but are yet to receive an email. 

We contacted Spotify as to why people hadn't received their devices or even an email advising a delay, but have not received a response. 

Some other social media users, however, did post photos of their new device after receiving them. 

One customer advised other applicants to check their junk email box as his Spotify email was stuck in there.  

Some social media users said their Google Nest had arrived, weeks after the offer ended

This user told customers to check their email junk folders as their confirmation could be there

Google Nest Minis are a direct rival to Amazon's Alexa system – a smart speaker fitted with voice command and Google Assistant.

It can be controlled through your phone or Bluetooth with users able to ask the device to play a certain song, ask what the weather is doing today or read out a recipe. 

In response to Spotify's offer, Amazon Music reduced the price of its Echo Dot smart speaker to just 99p for subscribers. 

The deal was only valid for new Amazon Music Unlimited customers who are also Prime subscribers and finished after a couple of days. 

Apple Music, one of the other largest streaming offerings, did not give its customers any freebies.  

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