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Wedding shaming: Australian bride is slammed for complaining about her best friend's $5 Kmart gift

A bride has been slammed for publicly shaming her best friend over the cheap gift she gave her on her wedding day.

Angry responses flooded in when the anonymous newlywed from Brisbane, Queensland, complained about receiving two $5 Kmart towels from her closest mate in a Facebook community group.

The woman raged that the cheapness of the gift 'hurt' a lot and was a 'slap in the face' after inviting her pal to her 'exclusive' ceremony and reception.

But if sympathy was what she expected, she had another thing coming - with many branding her 'shallow' and 'mean' for caring so much about material goods.

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Angry responses flooded in when a newlywed from Brisbane complained about receiving two $5 Kmart hand towels (right) from her closest mate in a Facebook community group (left image is stock)

The drama began when the bride asked for advice on dealing with what she considered to be an offensively inexpensive present.

'Has anyone received any wedding gifts in the past that were a slap in the face? How did you deal with it?' she wrote.

'My partner and I had a very exclusive wedding, all inclusive and the focus was our guests.

'Our best friend, husband and kids knew this and gifted us two Kmart towels, a total value of about $10.

'This hurt us a lot, as it was a slap in the face. We don't know how to deal with it.'

But rather than advice, she was hit with a barrage of hate.

'Are you actually serious? It's not about what you get out of it,' one woman wrote. 

A second simply said: 'Karma.'

The offending articles? One woman hit back saying Kmart towels (pictured) are an 'awesome' gift and perfectly fine if that's all her friend could afford

'Kmart towels are an awesome gift, who cares how much they cost. What a shallow person,' a third added, while a fourth argued that perhaps $10 was all the family could afford.

'Be thankful they wanted to be there to celebrate your special day and focus on the qualities in their personalities rather than the material items they may or may not have given you,' she said. 

Others noted the bride was lucky to have a wedding at all in a year where countless celebrations have been cancelled and plans upended by the coronavirus pandemic.

'I live in Brisbane as well and at this stage I'll just be happy if my wedding can go ahead in August 2021,' one woman replied.

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