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Waves of Australian outback drivers are  deciphered in a hilarious TikTok video

An Outback driver has deciphered the customary waves of regional Australian motorists - from 'the scarecrow', to 'the local' and 'the surfer'.

The different styles of hand gestures offered to other road users were outlined in a light-hearted video shared by Brisbane married couple Elke and Zach Trueman as they travelled across the Nullarbor.

Mr Trueman was filmed showing how locals acknowledge passing cars with a simple raise of the forefinger but international drivers do so with an awkward shaking wave.

Some drivers meanwhile adopt the iconic Shaka sign, where they extend their thumb and little finger to perform 'the surfer' salute.

Other waves included 'the goal umpire' - a reference to an AFL official signaling six points have been scored -  and 'the scarecrow' with both palms held in front of the face.

'The halfa' wave consists of keeping the base of the hand resting on the top of the steering wheel while raising the palm to the oncoming driver.

'Mandatory Australian driving knowledge,' the traveller wrote as he shared footage under the handle true_trippin of the varying types of waves.

Many commenters reacting to the video said they related to the series of hand gestures.

'As an Aussie this is all true,' one said. 

Brisbane married couple Elke and Zach Trueman have shared a video on TikTok outlining the different salutes offered by Outback Australian drivers

'The scarecrow' meanwhile consists of both palms held in front of the face towards the road

Many commenters reacting to the video said they related to the series of hand gestures, but others thought it was a custom that did not apply to city drivers 

'Country people do it all the time,' another wrote. 

Others though were quick to note the cultural practice was more common in regional Australia where seeing another driver on the road is more of an occasion.

'Country people do this way more than people from the city,' one person wrote.

'Wait - why do you need to wave at others while driving?' Another added.

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