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Watch: Police facilitate Insulate Britain's M25 protest

In one image captured at 8.26am a disgruntled commuter can be seen grabbing one of the group by the arms in an attempt to remove him, while another activist holds on to his ankle. 

In further angry scenes, the group’s “Insulate Britain” banner was ripped away during a confrontation. 

By 8.40am two more police officers had arrived, standing in a huddle behind the line sitting on the floor.

By 9.25am, the Metropolitan Police say they had removed and arrested 11 protesters. They would be taken into custody and released early the following morning, vowing to return to the roads to protest again as soon as they were able.

Another three protesters had glued themselves to the road or to other members of the group, meaning it took several hours longer to remove them.

The junction was cleared by 11.20am, with the three glued-on protesters also removed and arrested by police.

The demonstration would later be blamed for a collision from which an injured woman is still recovering.  

Early on Wednesday morning as throngs of workers set off on their morning commute, a group of Insulate Britain protesters gathered at the side of the M25 slip road in Enfield, north London intent on bringing traffic to a standstill once again. 

Clad in orange tabards and carrying backpacks and rolled-up red and blue banners they lay in wait to occupy the road once more having orchestrated a similar stunt earlier in the week.

At Junction 25 where roadworks are ongoing on the busy motorway a police officer was filmed by one of the demonstrators gesturing drivers past the orange traffic cones lining the road before walking into the middle of the lane. 

The camera dipped towards the ground as the group of protesters hastily made their move, stepping over metal barriers and into the two-lane road. Emergency sirens can be heard as they begin to cross.

A witness told The Telegraph that the climate activists would pause their occupation at just one point to briefly allow an ambulance to pass.

After the short hiatus, the camera tilts up once again, revealing two lanes of rush hour traffic now resembling a carpark and a police officer standing in the middle of the road.

"OK, so we can just take our time and decide what we're going to do," one of the group says.

The video footage, later published online ends there, but images later captured by news photographers show the whole group with their banners unfurled sitting in the middle of the motorway, facing the cars and vans, now entirely at their mercy. 

Enraged motorists at one point attempted to drag the protesters from the road.

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