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VIDEO: Two female deer face off in 'the most elegant fight ever'  

This is the moment two does embark on the most elegant fight over access to a feeder. 

Gay Isber McMillan, 59, caught the hilarious video on her property's security camera during a family get together.

In the video, a doe can be seen eating from a feeder left on McMillan's property in Lake Summerville, Texas, that she calls 'Little Star Ranch'.

Another doe then approaches and they immediately launch themselves onto their hind legs, elegantly walking and swatting at each other in a performance that looks more like a dance than a fight.

The dueling duo eventually collide and paw at each other before dropping back to all fours and running off.

McMillan, an Austin-based technical writer, said: 'They're well-fed deer so I don't know why they feel they need to fight over it.

'There's about 20 more pounds of corn they can eat, but they're animals so they're not thinking groceries, they're thinking "I want that corn right there".'

McMullin, her husband and friends gathered at the ranch to celebrate her son and his husband visiting from South Africa.

They happened to have their security cameras on when the balletic fight went down.

'It was a cool little thing that happened,' she said.

'We just happened to be there, otherwise we would have probably never seen it on our cameras.'

Gay Isber McMillan, 59, caught the hilarious video on her property's security camera during a family get together

This is the moment two does faced off over who has control of a feeding station at a ranch in Lake Summerville, Texas

Deer are often seen at the ranch and the family leaves food for them regularly.

'There's a creek that runs all around our property and the deer walk up and down it,' she said.

'That stump is a deer feeder and we put corn in there and deer food that's super sweet like dried beets and dried apples that you can buy in a bag.

'If we're going to be there on the weekends, we want to see some deer and that's why we use it.'

McMillan said this isn't the first time they've seen a deer fight, but it is the first time it's been two females.

'We've seen it once before that same kind of a fight with them on their hind legs, but that was two bucks so this time we were like 'look at that, it's girls that are fighting,'' she said.

'What's unique and funny about this is they're on their hind legs, and they're in such fighting mood*they look like alien people.'

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