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Video shows American tourist in Thailand getting arrested for vandalism after going on tirade

An American tourist was arrested in Thailand after he was filmed making offensive comments, threatening locals with murder and rape, and then breaking a glass mirror near a restaurant whose owner he allegedly harassed.

Daniel Franckowiak, 46, of Bismarck, North Dakota, was taken into custody last Tuesday by local police in Chiang Mai, a town located in the mountainous north of Thailand.

Franckowiak is alleged to have verbally abused and threatened Salita Akaruean, a small restaurant owner in Chiang Mai, according to the Thai Examiner.

Daniel Franckowiak, 46, of Bismarck, North Dakota, was arrested in Thailand after he was filmed behaving belligerently and threatening people

He was eventually taken into custody by police after allegedly vandalizing a local restaurant

Akaruean posted video of Franckowiak’s rant during which he said: ‘I’m a real m****r f***er.’

In the video, Franckowiak is seen incoherently calling the woman a ‘coward ch*** b***h.’

He also uttered a number of racial slurs.

‘I kill people, I rape children, I kill f*****s,’ he says.

‘I’m real. I’ll kill and rape you too.’

Salita Akaruean, a small restaurant owner in Chiang Mai, called police after Franckowiak allegedly broke a mirror 

In another clip, Franckowiak is heard telling another man in the area that his skin ‘looks like the ass of a f****g cow.’

According to Akaruean, Franckowiak broke the window of the restaurant, prompting her to call the police.

As police place handcuffs on him, Franckowiak tells them to ‘put me on YouTube and make me famous.’

He was later released from custody and is due to appear in court next month.

After his release, however, Akaruean said that he has returned to the restaurant and resumed yelling at her.

After Akaruean posted the clip, other commenters on Facebook claimed that he had vandalized several other businesses in the area.

Akaruean wrote on Facebook that Franckowiak also caused damage to a McDonald’s and vandalized a car belonging to one of the restaurant’s employees.

Franckowiak was arrested by police in North Dakota two years ago for a drug-related offense

On his Facebook page, Franckowiak claims to be CEO of LutherCorp, which is the fictitious company owned by villain Lex Luthor of the Superman comics.

A video post from Sunday shows him appearing to get kicked out of a strip club.

‘Got kicked out why? Spending too much money. Is that legal?’ he wrote.

Other posts photos and videos of Thai women and pop stars.

‘I’m hopelessly addicted to beautiful Asian women,’ he writes in one thread.

In another Facebook post, he writes that he was arrested in Thailand three times in a span of nine weeks.

Records show that Franckowiak was also arrested in North Dakota in 2017.

He was charged with drug-related crimes. 

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