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Video: Manchester man challenges bike thieves with a baseball bat

This is the moment a dad in his dressing gown confronted two would-be thieves as they appeared to try to steal his motorbike. 

Jason Clayton said he heard strange noises outside his home in Heywood, Greater Manchester, after his dogs woke him up at around 2am on Monday. 

He looked out of the window to see two men crouched beside his Yamaha Tracer motorbike with the protective cover removed. 

Mr Clayton decided to confront them - and it was all captured on his smart doorbell's camera. In the clip, he can be heard shouting: 'Come here! Come on! Come on!' 

Jason Clayton from Manchester confronted a pair of thieves who were attempting to steal his Yamaha motorcycle from his driveway

Mr Clayton said after the attempted theft he has been forced to store his bike in a safe location

Mr Clayton said: 'I just had so much adrenaline - you know when two people are trying to steal your bike, it's your property and you want to protect it.' 

Footage shows both of men running away as Mr Clayton - holding a baseball bat - shouts at them. His son also emerged from the house armed with a golf club. 

Mr Clayton said: 'One of them turned around and he was waving something - it looked like a big machete-type knife. 

'That's when me and my son walked back to our house and called the police.' 

After calling 999, Mr Clayton said police arrived 'in minutes'. It is understood officers found two teenagers inside a vehicle linked to the attempted theft. Police chased the car towards the Chadderton, where it was found abandoned. With the help of a police helicopter, officers then chased two suspects on foot.  

They were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and have since been released under investigation. 

Mr Clayton said: 'I've got to give 100 per cent praise for the police, they were superb. 'You can't fault anything they did. The helicopter was straight over my house in a few minutes.' 

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they were called to reports of an attempted theft of a motorbike at the property. 

A force spokesperson said: 'Officers attended and a vehicle suspected to be involved was seen by officers and failed to stop. 

'Following a brief pursuit, the vehicle was abandoned on Long Lane, Chadderton, and officers chased the suspects on foot with the assistance of colleagues from National Police Air Service (NPAS). 

'Two [males], aged 17 and 19, were arrested on suspicion of attempt burglary. They have been released under investigation pending further enquiries.' 

Enquiries into the incident, including analysis of CCTV, are ongoing. 

Mr Clayton said he had resorted to storing the bike elsewhere - at a cost of hundreds of pounds - to keep it safe. 

He said: 'Me and my wife are hardworking people - it just makes you really angry about things like this. 'It's been hard to get a decent night's sleep ever since.'

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