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Video: Black bear trapped in Pennsylvania university campus

This is the moment a large 150lb black bear was rescued from a tree in the middle of a college campus in Pennsylvania.  

David Cyphert filmed a video which captured the moment the bear fell from the tree into the tarpaulin below at Clarion University in Clarion County Pennsylvania.

He said the bear was between 150-200lbs but they are waiting for the results of tests to determine its age. 

A worker used a cherry picker to knock the incapacitated bear from the tree towards the people waiting below with a tarpaulin

The local fire department and members of the Pennsylvania Game Commission raced to the scene to remove the animal. 

Three nursing students at the college got the opportunity to tag the bear while one removed a tooth to discover the animal's age. 

The animal was shot with two tranquilizer darts before a member of the Game Commission was hoisted up the tree on an elevated platform. 

When a team of people were ready with a tarpaulin below, the animal was nudged out of the tree.' 

Mr Cyphert posted footage of the rescue on his Facebook page.   

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials told a local media outlet that the bear was relocated to game lands further north in Clarion County.

According to WXPI, the bear was tagged behind the ear by two students, while a third pulled a tooth to determine the animal's age. 

The rescue workers were able to cushion the blow suffered by the bear

Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed the bear was fine following the encounter and was relocated to game lands in north Clarion County (file photo) 

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed the bear was fine following the encounter and was relocated to game lands in north Clarion County.  

Two of the students put tags in the bear’s ears and the third pulled out a tooth, which was sent to a lab to figure out the animal’s age. 

Sadie Siegel, Clarion University Nursing Student, who was involved in the rescue said: 'It was really cool. I was something that kind of freaked me. 

'It was my last final at 8am for junior year. We were done. 

'We were trying to get the stress off and then there was a bear. 

'It could have been really stressful or it could have been fun, but we made it really fun.'

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