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Victorian driver, 19, who fled car crash that left his friend quadriplegic hears victims statement

A teen driver who left his friends after smashing into a tree after a wild night of drinking has heard how his three passengers screamed for help before fleeing the scene.

Tyson Agius, 19, pleaded guilty to one count of endangering life and one count of negligently causing serious injury in County Court on June 16 as one of his close friends described the horror of being left a quadriplegic after the crash in the Gippsland region of Victoria last year.  

'I now have to rely on live-in nurses to care for all my needs and my mum spends a lot of her time looking after me too,' his friend said while reading his victim impact statement.

After Mr Agius fled the crash site his passenger began to scream: 'I'm going to die'.  

On Wednesday he spoke of the nightmare of finding out he would never walk or use his hands again.

19-year-old, Tyson Agius (pictured) crashed his car and fled the scene without helping his injured mates

Tyson Agius' night on the road:

- Mr Agius and his passengers drank and took drugs at a Newborough home.

- They then went to Driffield to go four-wheel driving.

- Mr Agius struck a reflective post on purpose, ripping the front bull bar off on the way.

- The group drank for two hours and drove the car at the location.

- The crash occurred on the way home in Hernes Oak at about 9.45pm, where residents heard screaming.

- A friend gave Mr Agius his phone to call emergency services, where he instead called a mate to pick him up.

- His friend drove him to his Newborough home, before he went to his mums house is Rosedale where an emergency call was made at 12.22am.

- Police arrived at the home at about 1am, kicked the door down and found Mr Agius hiding underneath a bed where he was arrested.

- A blood sample taken five hours later showed no alcohol or drugs present in his system.

Residents living near to the crash responded quickly and held the crash victim's head high to keep his airway open while trying to keep him conscious, but the 19-year-old had severe breathing difficulties and injuries so significant his leg pointed outwards.

Emergency services had to provide the teenager with breathing apparatus and blood transfusions to prevent him from dying while travelling to the hospital.

Before Mr Agius and his passengers set out on the road they were drinking at a Newborough house, the court heard.

One of his passengers was left a quadriplegic and Mr Agius (pictured) heard his passengers victim impact statements in court on June 16 

Mr Agius drank multiple cruisers and smoked a bong before getting behind the wheel to go four-wheel driving in Driffield.

The court heard the friends had spoken about how Mr Agius had deliberately driven off the road to strike a white reflective post the day before.

Mr Agius then swerved off the road and hit another reflective post on the day of the crash, ripping the front bull bar off in the process. 

The group arrived at a second location, continuing to drive recklessly while and continuing to drink cruisers.

The group left two hours later on their way back to the Newborough home when the crash occurred in Hernes Oak.

Locals heard screaming at about 9.45pm and called emergency services.

Agius (pictured) was given a phone to call emergency services but instead called a mate to pick him up and take him home

Mr Agius could be heard yelling out to the passengers.

His friend then gave him his phone to call emergency services, but he instead used the device to call a friend to pick him up and flee the scene without assisting any of his injured mates.

He went to his Newborough home before going to his mother's house in Rosedale where an emergency call was made at 12.22am.

Police forced entry into the home at about 1am and found Mr Agius hiding under a bed before arresting him.

A blood sample taken five hours later indicated there were no drugs or alcohol in Mr Agius' system.

He pleaded guilty to one count of endangering life and one count of negligently causing serious injury in Victoria County Court

The young man's lawyer spoke of his disgusting actions and how he had a low level functioning IQ, taking drugs daily in the lead up to the crash. 

Judge Bill Stuart also chastised the teenager for his decisions that night.

He said: 'It was such a stupid thing to do with consequences that were so catastrophic.'

The Judge said more information was needed about Mr Agius' 'intellectual functioning' to decide where he will serve his sentence.

The matter was adjourned to a later date.

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