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Victoria Beckham reveals eating four avocados a day keeps her skin flawless

Holy guacamole! Victoria Beckham has revealed the secret of her flawless skin – eating four avocados a day.

But although the fruit is packed with goodness, nutritional experts have warned fans not to follow her lead as the 'obsessive' diet doesn't offer enough variety.

And, perhaps surprisingly, given the star's slender figure, they even say that concentrating on the calorie-packed food could lead to overeating.

The star shared her diet via her Instagram page, showing fans that getting the right fats is key to that natural glow

surprisingly, given the star's slender figure, experts say that concentrating on the calorie-packed diet could lead to overeating.

The former Posh Spice, 45, revealed her quirky diet in an interview yesterday.

'She's still birdlike, although she says that having read that the key to glowing skin is consuming the right amount of fats, she now eats three or four avocados a day,' The Telegraph Magazine reported. 'So long as she can look as good as possible, she's happy.'

No details of what else the mother of four eats were given, nor of how she prepares the fruit to keep the relentless diet of oily green flesh interesting.

Avocados – the cliched favourite of millennials everywhere, including the Duchess of Sussex – are rich in vitamins, fibre and healthy mono-unsaturated fats, and they are one of the few fruits to contain virtually no sugar.

Are you getting you four a day? The former pop star has revealed the secret to impeccable skin is eating four avocados a day

Nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch said consuming avocado probably would be good for Posh's skin – but eating the same thing morning, noon and night was an issue. 'Is there evidence that avocados are good for your skin? I would say yes, in the sense that we know mono-unsaturated fat and fats in general are good for the skin. Avocado is also a good source of Vitamins E and C, which are important for skin health.'

Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, the protein that keeps skin plump and elastic, while Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps protect skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. But Ms Lynch added: 'I'm always wary of anything that smacks of obsessive eating – and having four avocados a day is a bit obsessive. Variety is very important in diet. If you're having that amount of avocado, what are you missing out on? Because my sense is that if she's eating four avocados a day, she probably isn't eating much else.'

She said that avocados do not contain a lot of other types of fat, such as polyunsaturates, omega-3 fatty acids, or saturates, which also have a role.

Ms Lynch also pointed out that a medium-size avocado contains at least 200 calories, so four would account for close to half a woman's recommended daily intake. She said: 'Inevitably, people could end up eating too much if they have that many avocados daily.'

Nutritionist Daniel O'Shaughnessy added: 'It sounds like she's on a ketogenic diet – replacing carbohydrates with fats, and having a moderate amount of protein.'

Advocates say such a diet is better for keeping off the pounds because the fat keeps you feeling fuller for longer. But Mr O'Shaughnessy cautioned: 'Eating so much avocado does not promote a healthy message of a nutritionally balanced diet. And she is a role model for millions of people.'

Mrs Beckham's previous diet secrets have included having a glug of apple cider vinegar for breakfast; chewing coffee beans instead of drinking alcohol on a night out; and snacking on grapes she had previously frozen, or grilled pumpkin seeds and pine nuts covered in 'liquid protein' concentrate.

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