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US Embassy staffer in Colombia is believed dead after falling into the sea when a boat capsized

A US embassy staffer in Colombia is thought to have died after a boating trip to the popular Rosario Island ended in tragedy as it capsized tipping all 11 on board into the sea on Saturday. 

Colombian authorities are continuing to search for one of the embassy staff members who remains missing in the Caribbean Sea - five days after the boating accident. 

The Colombian Coast Guard said US embassy personnel, and other American citizens, were on a boat trip in the area known as Peruquitos, Rosario Island, Colombia.

The boat with 12 on board capsized unexpectedly and the passengers were flung into the Caribbean Sea. 

The Colombian Coast Guard continue to search for the person who fell overboard a boat on a tourist trip of the popular Rosario Island in the Caribbean Sea

A member of the Colombian Coast Guard looks out into the choppy waters of the Caribbean sea where a person fell in on Saturday after a boat they were travelling in capsized unexpectedly 

In a video taken shortly after the accident the boat can be seen floating in the sea upside down as a woman shouts: 'Emergency, emergency, coast guard, oh my God, there are people in the water, there is an upside-down boat.'

After a woman, sailing on another boat warned authorities about it, rescue personnel were quickly on scene and managed to pull out 11 of the 12 on board - two were taken to a navy hospital with mild injuries.

However, one person was unable to be found. 

A video taken shortly after the boat capsized shows it hull up in the water. Of the 12 who fell in, 11 were rescued fairly quickly, but one person, an embassy staffer, remains missing, presumed dead

 United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the person was a staff member based in Bogota as part of the US diplomatic mission in Colombia. 

He expressed his grief at the 'devastating loss' of the staffer who he said was now presumed dead.  

The missing person has not been named for privacy reasons.   

The Colombian Navy said the most likely cause for the boat overturning was a strong swell which became a large wave that overturned the vessel. 

Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez expressed his condolences and said the Colombian Navy were working with the Coast Guard to find the missing staffer's body.