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Uruguay cops arrest three over murder of three Marines after one allowed a friend to sleep there

Cops in Uruguay have arrested a woman and two men, including a former Marine, for the assassination of the three infantrymen.

The trio were detained Monday afternoon after Juan Manuel Escobar, 22; Alex Guillenea 25; and Alan Rodríguez, 31, a married father-of-four, were found dead Sunday morning at a military base post.

Authorities revealed Tuesday that the ex Marine showed up at the base and asked his old friends if they would allow him to spend the night there since he did not have a place to sleep.

The former soldier then entered the post with two others and opened fire, killing all three. 

Their bodies were discovered by another Marine who had arrived to relieve them of their shift. 

Two of the infantrymen were shot in the head in a room that served as the post's reception area.

Juan Manuel Escobar is one of the three Marines who was assassinated Saturday at a military post in Montevideo, Uruguay

Alan Rodríguez and two other Marine infantrymen were executed at a military post Saturday

Alex Guillenea was also killed by the former Marine and two other suspects, including a woman

The other serviceman received one shot in one of his hands, another in the abdomen and four more in the chest. 

His body found lying on a bed in a fetal position, thus indicating that he had been resting while the other two soldiers were on duty.  

The former Marine, a 26-year-old, entered the military in 2014 but was relieved of his duties in March. 

Infobae identified him as Christopher Zubia, a Colombian national whose parents are natives of Uruguay. 

Investigators said the Zubia took the  soldiers' service weapons, three Glocks, and placed them in a backpack. He then went to a home about 10 blocks away from the base, where a couple he knew was renting a room and spent the night there.

The three were arrested without incident.  

Uruguay's military held a ceremony Monday for three fallen Marines infantrymen, Juan Manuel Escobar,  Alex Guillenea and Alan Rodríguez, who were executed at a Montevideo military base post

Sources told Uruguayan newspaper Subrayado that he had mentioned to his cohorts that he had plans to sell the three guns.

Several local media outlets have reported that the firearms were to be exchanged with local drug traffickers for cocaine or money. 

El Observador also reported that the military and prosecutors were aware of a plan to rob the base following the November 2019 robbery of two handguns at a San Jose military post. 

Infantry members reportedly received messages via social media that there were individuals interested in purchasing weapons.

The Montevideo base added two guards to the post over the following weeks. 

Uruguay President Luis Lacalle Pou was present for a special military ceremony that was held for Escobar, Guillenea and Rodríguez on Monday. 

Their bodies were expected to be laid to rest Tuesday.

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