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Unlicensed drug-driver, 22, who rammed a police car is jailed for 18 months 

An unqualified driver who rammed a police car twice during a high-speed chase and smashed into a vehicle with a one-year-old baby inside has been jailed for 18 months. 

Cameron McGlaughlin, 22, hit speeds up to 70mph in a 30mph zone in his uninsured Audi A4 as he tried to get away from a patrol car flashing its blue lights in Ashford, Kent, just before 6pm on March 14. 

McGlaughlin, a construction worker, shot down a residential road, jumped red traffic lights and sped the wrong way around a roundabout, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

He reversed the vehicle at speed into a police car twice, causing the officers to fear the impact would trigger the airbags, after they had spotted the father-of-six driving without a licence.

McGlaughlin, from Charing, near Ashford, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drugs and without a licence or insurance (pictured: Police pursuing McGlaughlin) 

Dashcam video footage showed him going through another roundabout on the wrong side before getting out of the car and fleeing on foot.

Officers then went after McGlaughlin and arrested him after the chase. 

After being arrested a swab was taken by officers and McGlaughlin tested positive for cannabis. 

Pictured: Cameron McGlaughlin

McGlaughlin, from Charing, near Ashford, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drugs and without a licence or insurance.

He was jailed for 18 months at Canterbury Crown Court on May 7. A judge also disqualified McGlaughlin from driving for three years and seven months.

He appeared in court via video-link from HMP Elmley where he was told he would be banned from driving for three years and seven months.

Prosecutor Ian Foynette had told the court: 'Fortunately they [the airbags] didn't activate.

'He then sped off through traffic lights, went the wrong way around a traffic island, and went down Healthfield Road which was a dead end.

'McGlaughlin and an unidentified passenger then leaped out the car as officers gave chase.' 

Nicholas Hamblin, representing McGlaughlin, argued the car's 'turbo had been removed' and could not exceed 70mph.

He added: 'Once he saw police he panicked and he drove as we have seen - what he does say is he has accepted his guilt.'

Officers went after father-of-six McGlaughlin and arrested him after the chase through Ashford

Judge Simon James said: 'The risk that he caused to other motorists, including officers who were simply doing their job, I find this about as serious an offence of its type as one could imagine.

'In my judgement the imposition of anything other than an immediate period of imprisonment cannot be justified.'

PC Tania Richardson, Kent Police's investigating officer, today described McGlaughlin's driving as reckless and said it was lucky he did not hurt any other motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

She said: 'McGlaughlin's reckless driving could very easily have caused a serious collision and harmed other road users.

'He showed no consideration for the welfare of the two officers in the patrol car which he rammed as he tried to evade arrest.

'Their persistence in tracking and arresting him shows our commitment to bringing to justice dangerous drivers and those who threaten our officers' safety.'

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