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Two Texas teens 'filmed Snapchat video of themselves stealing jewelry off of dead man'

Bethany Martin, 17, (pictured) and her 16-year-old friend were charged with theft to a human corpse after they allegedly stole a necklace off the body of a man they found in a drainage ditch

Two Texas teens who discovered a 25-year-old man's remains in a drainage ditch are facing charges after they allegedly posted a video on social media of themselves stealing his jewelry.

Bethany Martin, 17, and her 16-year-old friend found the man's body in southwest Bexar County on Monday morning.

The younger teen, who was not named, told Martin she liked the man's pendant necklace, prompting the 17-year-old to remove it from his neck, KSAT reported. 

She tossed the chain into the grass and gave the medallion to her friend. 

The girls then called another friend who arrived on scene and called 911. 

The teens told the responding deputies they were walking to a gas station when they noticed the victim's body in the ditch.

However, the next day authorities were anonymously provided videos that were circulating on Snapchat, showing the scene before deputies arrived. 

Police say the victim's body was found in southwest Bexar County, Texas near the intersection of Sunday Song and Charismatic (pictured). Homicide investigators have ruled out foul play and believe the man's death was a suicide

One video reportedly showed Martin and her friend near the body while the other showed the 17-year-old removing the necklace from the corpse. 

Martin admitted to taking the necklace and giving it to her friend.

The 16-year-old, whose remains unnamed due to her age, told police she put the man's medallion on her own gold necklace because it 'matched her fashion style'.

The teen handed the medallion over to police who have given it to his next of kin.

Martin was arrested on Tuesday and charged with theft to a human corpse or grave, Bexar County officials confirmed to the TV station. Her bond was set at $2,000 and she has since been released from jail.

The younger girl was also charged with theft to a human corpse. 

Homicide investigators have ruled out foul play and believe the man's death was a suicide. 

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