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Two police officers who were accused of breaking a woman's arm during a forceful arrest are cleared 

Two detectives who were accused of breaking a 21-year-old woman's arm during a forceful arrest have been cleared after a 15-month internal investigation.

Madison Holt-Lea, from QLD's Capricorn Coast, lodged an affidavit calling for the Yeppon detectives to be charged claiming her arm had been snapped between her shoulder and elbow during questioning on February 11, 2019.

Ms Holt-Lea, who was 21 at the time, said detectives arrived at a Taranganba home to question her about a stolen mobile phone, then put her hands behind her back and bent her over a railing.

Madison Holt-Lea (pictured) lodged a complaint against two Yeppon detectives claiming her arm was broken on February 11 last year during questioning

'I yelled "I'm not resisting" three times,' she said in her affidavit, the Courier Mail reports.

'While both of my arms were behind my back and I was bent over the railing, Detective [name withheld] has then freed one hand and with this free hand punched me in the arm.'

Ms Holt Lea said she heard a loud crack.  

'[He] was saying "f***, f***,f***" and yelled at Detective [name also withheld] "stop, I've broken her arm,"' her affidavit said. 

An ambulance was called and a subsequent scan showed her arm was broken.  

Last month, Ms Holt-lea received a letter from the Capricornia District Professional Practice Manager which said inquiries into her complaint revealed conflicting versions surrounding the circumstances of the matter. 

A scan (pictured) showed Ms Holt-Lea's arm had been snapped between her shoulder and elbow

The letter implied the two detectives had misreported the incident and said they had been dealt with by an internal management process for the failing to appropriately report the events. 

It said without other evidence to prove her allegations, the matter had been now been finalised without any further criminal action taken.   

Leanne Holt, Ms Holt-Lea's mother, told reporters on Tuesday she and her daughter felt defeated by the outcome of investigation but they planned to take further legal action. 

The letter said the initial investigation against Ms Holt-Lea would recommence.

It concluded by noting if evidence is gathered resulting in enforcement action taken against her, the proceedings will be closely monitored for any judicial criticism of the actions of police in those circumstances.  

The internal investigation against the detectives was overseen by the Crime and Corruption Commission which also agreed with the recommendations, the letter said.

To date, she has not been charged as a result of last year's arrest. 

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