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Twin's gut-wrenching message to her sister's killer - revealing a piece of her has died aged 22 

The identical twin of a young woman who died in a horror car crash while her boyfriend was 'hooning' on a beach says her sister's death took 'a huge piece of my soul' away.

Madison Prentice, 22, gave a shattering statement at the sentencing hearing of Matthew Emerson, 31, who pleaded guilty to causing the death of Paige Prentice by dangerous driving in December, 2019.

Mr Emerson, with Paige beside him, was 'hooning' and 'snaking' for 300 metres on the sand at Long Beach, three hours south of Adelaide, at 70km an hour just before Christmas on December 22, 2019.

Madison Prentice told the District Court that the loss of her identical twin sister Paige (left) in a 2019 accident on Long Beach, South Australia, took 'a piece of her soul'. Prentice and Madison are pictured together in the above photo

Paige Prentice, 22, died four days after the accident in which her boyfriend Matthew Emerson, 31, was 'hooning' for 300 metres on the sand at Long Beach

Neither Paige, nor her boyfriend Mr Emerson, were wearing seatbelts. 

Mr Emerson's car tyre dug into the sand and the vehicle rolled.

She died four days later from injuries sustained in the crash, The Advertiser reported.

'When you took her life, you took my essence too. You are selfish and you are reckless and that is all I have to say to you,' Madison Prentice said, reading from her victim statement while staring at a crying Mr Emerson in the District Court.

She detailed how Mr Emerson had robbed her of a life beside her twin, including plans to travel the world together.

Both Madison Prentice and Paige's father, Graham, spoke with brutal, heartbreaking honesty at his sentencing.

Mr Prentice said Paige had spoken only days before the accident that she wanted to be an organ donor - and that her organs had helped five people live. 

He told the court a parent should 'never have to bury their child'.

'People say that time heals all wounds, but I think that's bulls***. Time just helps you move forward, moving slowly forward through grief. How can you recover from such a loss?'

Matthew Emerson (picture) pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving over the December 22, 2019 accident

 He said his family 'would never be the same' and also called Mr Emerson's (pictured) actions 'reckless'

He said his family 'would never be the same' and also called Mr Emerson's actions 'reckless'. 

Mr Prentice added that he believed Paige would want Mr Emerson to 'get on with your life' and 'hold it together' but 'never forget her'.

Prosecutor Thi Thy Nguyen described Mr Emerson's driving that day as 'mild hooning'. 

Judge Ian Press accepted Mr Emerson was 'remorseful' and that the fact he had just been given his driver's licence was a factor.

Mr Emerson's lawyer Ben Armstrong called his behaviour 'low level skylarking' and asked Judge Press to suspend any sentence. 

Emerson read a tearful apology to the court and will be sentenced in July. 

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