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Tucker Carlson SLAMS former President Obama over extravagant birthday bash

FOX News host Tucker Carlson slammed former President Barack Obama in his episode Monday night, claiming that the former president is skirting Centers for Disease Control guidance by hosting an extravagant birthday party with 500 guests.

The former president is set to turn 60 on August 4, and is said to be planning a large soiree at his 7,000-square-foot mansion in the Edgarton section of Martha's Vineyard next weekend.

An official familiar with the plans told Axios that there are 475 confirmed guests for the party - including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg - with more than 200 staff members. 

The CDC, however, recommends that people hold large gatherings virtually.

'So it turns out Martha's Vineyard is exempt from the new COVID rules,' Carlson said on his episode Monday night.

FOX News host Tucker Carlson claimed former President Barack Obama was skirting CDC rules by planning to have nearly 500 people at his birthday party in Martha's Vineyard

The host later brought on Mark Steyn, a conservative author, who claimed people are surprisingly OK with global leaders having these types of parties while also limiting gatherings

He later said former First Lady Michelle Obama previously claimed she was oppressed, 'but when she's at home, she goes big, for she and her husband, the king of the Democratic Party, he's turning 60, so naturally they're celebrating with 200 servants.'

He jokingly asked whether elephants would be brought in and asked what CDC Director Rochelle Walensky would think about Obama's plans.

'Talk about a super-spreader event,' Carlson said, before introducing Mark Steyn, a conservative author, to further discuss the plans for the party - especially the fact that 200 staff members would be on hand.

Steyn joked that he did not mind the large amount of staff members, saying they would be the most diverse group at the party.

'We're basically back to medieval Europe, where it's the same 400 people who go to all the parties,' he said. 'As you know, Obama's got Oprah and George Clooney, just as Oprah and George Clooney went to Harry and Meghan's wedding, even though they never met either of them.

'I mean you have to feel sorry for George and Oprah,' he continued, 'just going to the parties of people you don't know is a really sad and miserable existence.'

'But I have to say, when you look at this, 500 guests, 200 fawning footmen and under butlers, what's interesting to me is the way that people are actually perfectly happy with this,' Steyn said, adding: 'A disturbing number of people are quite happy to be subjects.

'They say "Oh yeah, I couldn't go to granny's 90th birthday, but it's perfectly fine for Barack Obama to have 500 people because our rulers are so much better than us.'

Carlson replied that he agreed, and said: 'The fierce egalitarian spirit of American society is dying and that's our fault.'

The former president is turning 60 on August 4 and is planning a soiree at his Martha's Vineyard home

The party is said to include a performance by Pearl Jam, seen here at a concert in 2018

The party will be held outside the Obamas' 7,000-square-foot home in Edgarton he and former first lady Michelle bought in 2019 for nearly $12 million (pictured)

The ex-president is requiring all guests to be COVID tested and vaccinated.

The party will be held outdoors on the  Obama's $12 billion 30-acre waterfront property and a 'COVID coordinator' will be on hand to ensure all proper protocols are being followed.

It remains unclear what proof of a negative COVID test or a vaccine will be required, and whether guests will be required to wear masks.

In an interview with CNN, though, Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said Sunday on CNN that big parties should be avoided. 

'If you're talking about a small party like I might have at my house for six or eight people who are all fully vaccinated, I do not believe, at this point, we need to put masks on to be next to each other,' he said. 

'But if there were 100 people, and, of course, how are you really going to be sure about people's vaccination status?'  

The Obamas' spent some of their time in quarantine at the Martha's Vineyard property

As news of the party broke, some people took to Twitter to call the party irresponsible in light of a recent resurgence in COVID cases in nearby Provincetown.

The New York Times reports that the community, at the tip of Cape Cod, was crowded with over 60,000 people, many of whom were maskless, during the July 4 holiday.

Officials did not worry about it, however, as the community had one of the highest vaccination rates in the state.

But since then, scientists have traced 965 cases to the gatherings, 238 of them involving Provincetown residents.

Fortunately, only seven people were hospitalized and no deaths were reported. 

'Based on the recent outbreak on Cape Cod, this just isn't safe,' Greg Pollowitz tweeted on August 1. 'Obama must cancel his birthday party.'

Another user, with the handle @TheLesson55, wrote that he has 'tremendous respect for Barack Obama.

'He stirs my soul when he speaks about America,' the twitter user wrote. 'But I think he made a bad call on his upcoming birthday party in Martha's Vineyard, even though it will be outdoors.

'It's very dangerous and a bad visual that the GOP will leverage relentlessly.'

A Trump supporter also questioned why Obama was able to throw such an extravagant party 'but the open border that brings in an entire city population each month isn't cause for concern.'

And Beth Baumann tweeted about the apparent hypocrisy in what events had been allowed and which ones weren't. 

As news of Obama's party broke, some took to Twitter to call it irresponsible amidst a resurgence in COVID cases

Obama's party will take place next weekend at the $11.57 million seven-bedroom home he and Michelle bought in 2019, which includes an in-ground pool and plenty of space to relax on warm summer days.

The party will also feature a performance by Pearl Jam.

A spokesperson for the former first family told The Sun the guest list 'includes a number of family members and friends to mark the occasion,' but The Hill reports guests include Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg.

President Joe Biden will not be attending the soiree, the White House announced, with a spokesperson telling Axios in a statement: 'While President Biden is unable to attend this weekend, he looks forward to catching up with former President Obama soon ad properly welcoming him into the over 60 club.' 

A local hairdresser was also reportedly hired to style one of the Pearl Jam member's hair before their big performance.

In lieu of gifts, Axios reports, guests are being asked to 'consider giving to programs that work to support boys and young men of color, and their families here at home in the United States, empower adolescent girls around the world and equip the next generation of emerging community leaders.'

The party is reportedly being paid for by the Obamas' personal funds. 

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