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Tube strike WILL go ahead over plans to scrap separate pay grade for Night Tube drivers

A Tube strike is set to go ahead in August over plans to scrap the Night Tube train drivers’ grade after negotiations broke down between the union and London Underground.

The changes would mean that instead of having a separate role for Night Tube train drivers, all drivers would be expected to work a combination of normal and night shifts.

Strike action was first proposed earlier this month but the RMT union, which represents tube drivers, has now confirmed it will go ahead next month. 

The union has asked all drivers not to book into work after midday for 24 hours on four separate dates - August 3, 5, 24 and 26. 

A union has confirmed that a four-day Tube strike is set to go ahead in August over plans to abolish the Night Tube train drivers’ grade after arbitration talks broke down between parties

The union says London Underground proposes to axe the grade in 'a cash-led move' which will threaten the loss of 200 jobs and destroy the work life balance of 3,000 Tube drivers.‎ 

Strikes had been announced earlier this month but both parties had entered into negotiations through ACAS - the arbitration service - in a bid to reach an agreement.

However, the union has said that these talks have been unsuccessful and so has confirmed the strike action will go ahead. 

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: 'RMT is angry and frustrated at the Tube bosses' refusal to engage in constructive discussions through the offices of ACAS that could resolve this dispute.

'London Underground's proposals to rip up an agreement that protects 3000 Tube drivers' work life balance has caused uproar in the depots amongst drivers.

'This breach of trust by an out of touch management abolishes the part time jobs of workers – mainly women – who rely on the flexibility and security they offer while they juggle other commitments.

'That is an equalities issue that the London Mayor should be taking seriously and raising directly with his London Underground senior management.

'RMT has made serious proposals and a resolution to the dispute is available through discussion.

'LU Management need to come back to the table this week in order to avoid the need for strike action. The union remains available for serious and constructive talks.'

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