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Trump-supporting drivers involved in a crash after a third car attempts to give chase flipping it

A road rage incident at a small MAGA rally in California saw a car flipped over onto its roof, and it was all caught on camera in front of shock onlookers.

The crash happened in Hermosa Beach on Saturday afternoon when two drivers decided to show off their support for Trump by displaying flags high above their vehicles as they paraded down the main street in normally liberal beachside town.

Video shows the two vehicles, a Jeep and a convertible, stopped at a crosswalk.

A third vehicle, a black Mustang, is seen stopped next to them, with the driver arguing with the passengers in the convertible.

As the light changes, the Trump supporters drive off and the Mustang races after them.

The convertible managed to pull out in front, but the black car hits the Jeep as it tries to overtake at speed. 

The black car ends up flipping over after clipping a row of parked cars 

The driver of the Mustang is seen arguing with the passengers in the convertible

The convertible managed to pull out in front, but the black car hits the truck as it tries to overtake at speed 

The crash was caught on camera by eyewitnesses who appeared surprised by the sudden commotion. 

Witnesses were aghast and sounded in shock as the incident unfolded before their eyes. 

Police responded quickly to the situation with some eyewitnesses reporting that there was a baby on board one of the vehicles according to TMZ. 

Two of the drivers, one from the car that overturned as well as the damaged Jeep stayed behind while the Hermosa Beach PD attended.

The driver of the convertible managed to make a clean getaway.  

The black car can be seen trying to chase the white Jeep as it travelled down the street

The driver of the black car ended up clipping a row of parked cars causing it to overturn

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