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Trump rallies in hotspot Wisconsin after claiming doctors get 'more money if somone dies of COVID'

President Donald Trump rallied in COVID-19 hotspot Wisconsin Friday as the U.S. officially hit the milestone of more than 9 million confirmed coronavirus cases. 

Testing in Wisconsin alone found 5,096 new cases, the second time in the past week the state reached more than 5,000 cases in a single day. The state's record, which was hit Tuesday, is 5,262. 

At his Michigan rally earlier, however, Trump falsely pushed that the numbers were inflated thanks to greedy doctors. 

'You know, our doctors get more money if someone dies from COVID, you know that right?' Trump told the crowd.

President Donald Trump held a rally Friday in Wisconsin, a COVID-19 hotspot. While supporters sat masked behind the president, a majority in the crowd weren't wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus  

Wisconsin saw more than 5,000 cases per day twice in one week, as it's become a COVID-19 hotspot 

President Donald Trump speaks in Green Bay, Wisconsin - a state that has become a COVID-19 hotbed 

Supporters, a majority of them un-masked, take photos of President Donald Trump in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Friday 

'Our doctors are very smart people.'

He claimed that in other countries, like Germany, if someone has cancer and gets the coronavirus, their cause of death is still cancer. 

'With us, when in doubt, choose COVID,' Trump said. 

In Wisconsin, Trump continued to tout his administration's response to the pandemic, saying 'we've done a good job.' 

'With or without the vaccine we're rounding the turn,' he pledged.

Trump, however, could be contributing to the uptick in COVID-19 cases hosting mass gathering after mass gathering, with most of his supporters standing in close confines outside mask-less. 

The president announced Friday that he'll hold an additional 14 rallies from Saturday through Monday.  

The president touted the fact that they outside, suggesting because of this, he was taking virus transmission seriously.  

'I actually like this stuff better,' he said, meaning the outdoor rallies. 'On a day like this, it's so beautiful.'  

'Is there any place better to be than a Trump rally?' he asked the Wisconsin crowd. 

At the first rally, he made fun of Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham, who is tagging along with him through three states, for her mask-wearing.           

President Donald Trump addressed a crowd at Oakland County International Airport, in Waterford Township, Michigan on Friday, where he complained about Fox News Channel and made fun of Fox News' Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask

President Donald Trump railed against Fox News Channel at the Oakland County International Airport in Waterford Township, Michigan on Friday. He also made fun of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who was in the crowd, for wearing a mask 

Masked Fox star: Laura Ingraham was mocked by the president for wearing a mask as she stood in a VIP area of the Michigan rally. Her mask appears to have come from the Clear company at an airport.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson (left), a retired neurosurgeon, and his wife Candy (right) were in Trump's Michigan crowd, not wearing masks. The Carsons were born and brought up in Detroit

President Donald Trump tosses a ballcap into the crowd during his first rally Friday in Michigan. He'll head to Wisconsin and then Minnesota for two more events through the day 

Off to Wisconsin: Air Force One takes off for the next stage of Trump's latest mid-western swing

Not a lot of masks: As has become customary at Trump rallies, there was no social distancing and - with the exception of some of those directly behind him and Laura Ingraham - little sign of mask wearing

Arrival: Trump was ready for colder temperatures than his last rally in Florida

Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham upgraded her mask, wearing one with the official presidential seal, at Trump's second rally Friday in Green Bay, Wisconsin

'I can't recognize you. Is that a mask? No way, are you wearing a mask?' he shouted to Ingraham. 'I've never seen her in a mask.' 

'Look at you, Laura, he went on. 'She's being very politically correct. Whoa! Whoa!' Trump added. 

Trump has also mocked Democratic nominee Joe Biden for his mask wearing.   

Housing and Urban Development Department Secretary Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, and his wife Candy were in the Michigan crowd. 

They didn't wear masks. 

Ingraham was photographed in a mask with a presidential seal at Trump's second rally of the day, in Green Day, Wisconsin.  

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