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Truck driver is granted bail after he allegedly ploughing into four pedestrians

A truck driver charged with two counts of dangerous driving after allegedly mowing down four pedestrians and a delivery driver at a busy intersection - leaving one fighting for life - has been granted bail.  

Frank Rogers, 64, allegedly failed to stop to help the injured pedestrians and drove on for 23km after the crash near the intersection of City Road and Power Street at Southbank in Melbourne about 7pm Thursday night. 

Magistrate David Starvaggi granted bail on Saturday on the condition Mr Rogers does not drive a truck or any vehicle more than 4.5 tonnes or that is towing a trailer, reports the ABC. 

Frank Rogers (pictured), 64, was bailed on Saturday after his truck hit a group of pedestrians in Melbourne on Thursday 

A man cradling a woman in his arms is seen speaking to paramedics at the scene on Thursday night, which left five people in hospital

The driver of the truck has been released on bail (pictured: paramedics are seen swarming the scene on Thursday night) 

He said the accused also had no previous driving offences, a stable address, and had volunteered to give up his passport, contributing to a low bail risk. 

The court heard he had driven on that particular street because he was transporting chemicals which are not allowed in tunnels and had traveled the route for a decade. 

CCTV played to the court taken from the side of the truck showed the trailers of the b-double wedging the four pedestrians and a food delivery driver between them before flinging them to the ground. 

The truck driver told the court he noticed a 'bump' but assumed it was the rear axel hitting the kerb - though police said the movement of the truck cabin in the footage indicated the truck had collided with something larger, reports the Herald Sun. 

Police told the court cutting the corner of the intersection was a 'reckless' act in the large truck. 

His defence lawyer argued locals had said the intersection was known to be dangerous and in need of improvement. 

However, prosecutors and police said the condition of the intersection was not the problem. 

'The intersection is not the danger, the danger is not driving appropriately,' Detective Senior Constable Ben Oliver said. 

Images from the scene (pictured on Thursday night) show total devastation, with a traffic light smashed to the ground and bicycles abandoned as Melburnians fled the horror

Police do not allege the truck driver deliberately hit any pedestrians. 

Three men and one woman are in stable conditions while one man remains in the ICU following surgery. 

His employeer K&S Group said he 'maintains he was unaware of the incident'.

'Our thoughts are with the people and families of those involved,' K&S CEO Paul Sarant said on Friday.

The company said in addition to the police investigation it was undertaking an internal workplace health and safety investigation into the incident.

'We're advised the driver maintains he was unaware of the incident'.

'He has been working for the company for nearly 10 years and was on his way to the depot in a company truck at the end of his shift.' 

Pictured: The Southbank intersection where the truck allegedly smashed into the pedestrians and a traffic light

All of the group of five, four men and one woman all in their 20s and 30s, are now in hospital - with two in a critical condition (pictured, police at the scene on Thursday night) 

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