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Tricky emoji quiz challenges puzzlers to name these different parenting scenarios

Becoming a parent opens your eyes to new situations, sometimes too bizarre or messy to imagine when you were child-free. 

Uk-based TikTok creator @mommacusses recently asked parents ‘tell me you have kids, without telling me you have kids’, kicking off a social media trend for mums and dads sharing their hilarious family scenarios. 

Recent research by Kendamil, found that the ‘baby’ is the most commonly used emoji by parents, but it’s not all hearts and cuddles in reality.

Sometimes there are just no words for what you are experiencing, so parents develop their own language to describe a ‘code brown’ or devil toddlers. 

According to the creators, most non-parents can only get seven right in this tricky emoji-based quiz. So, how many can you guess?


















 1. Night feed

2. Rock hard boobs

3. First tooth

4. Toddler tantrum

5. Zombie parents

6. Poo explosion

7. First steps

8. Code brown

 9. Baby formula

10. Projectile vomit

11. Wind

12. Teething

13. Wine o'clock

14. No sleep

15. 3am web shopping

16. Potty training

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