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Tokyo hotel creates double-decker desk pods in bid to lure WFH workers 

A hotel in Japan has transformed its sleeping pods into workspaces in an effort to boost business after witnessing a fall in the number of overnight stays amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Anshin Oyado hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has renovated an entire floor in its hotel  to allow office staff to work from the confines of its building as the country continues to deal with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus crisis. 

The capsule living quarters are now equipped with high speed internet, computer devices and web conferencing services.

The rooms also offer guests an LCD TV, headphones, a desk and plugs.

The Anshin Oyado hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, has transformed its capsule room to allow office workers to work from their hotel

The capsule rooms offer staff with high speed internet and web conferencing services as well as a desk and TV 

The rooms are modelled after first class cabins of passenger airplanes and also come with antibacterial coating to reduce the chances of infection

The cabin-style hotel, which is modelled after first class cabins of passenger airplanes, has also implemented antibacterial coating to reduce the spread of infection in the building.

The Japanese hotel, which also comes with lockers that feature the latest finger vein recognition, is made up of 'SmartPods' that feature a reclining bed and a TV. 

Guests are also able to access a jet bath that claims to ease physical fatigue and a Helston maifan stone artificial hot spring that contains more than 40 kinds of rich minerals.  

The latest hotel feature comes after the Japan Tourism Agency said residents could have a proportion of their domestic travel expenses under a bold new initiative aimed at kick-starting the domestic tourism industry in the country.

The Go to Travel campaign will offer discounts on travel inside Japan, with only residents of Japan eligible to take advantage of the campaign. 

A step inside the room reveals a desk with a computer and keyboard that office staff can use 

The cabin-style hotel is modelled after first class cabins of passenger airplanes and is also implemented with antibacterial coating

The new move is hoped to draw more guests to the hotel as the country continues to cope with the financial challenges of the pandemic

The hotel has transformed an entire floor to cater for office workers, providing them with internet and web conferencing services

The mini rooms also come with a desk so that office staff can carry out work without needing to leave the building

In April, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expanded a state of emergency due to the coronavirus as the number of cases in the country continued to rise.   

The declaration allowed regional governors to urge people to stay indoors, but with no punitive measures or legal force.

Mr Abe had already declared a month-long state of emergency in seven regions, including Tokyo prior to this, where a spike in cases had prompted warnings that emergency medical facilities could collapse. 

He said the state of emergency would remain in force until May 6. 

In Tokyo, the governor also called on people to work from home, and significant drops have been seen in the number of people commuting each day on the city's notoriously crowded transport system. 

But while some central areas have been uncharacteristically deserted, local neighbourhoods have remained relatively bustling, raising concerns about whether the measures will be sufficient. 

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