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Today host Allison Langdon questions Magda Szubanski's 'trolling' of Jenny Morrison

Allison Langdon has questioned Magda Szubanski's motives in criticising Jenny Morrison - accusing the TV star of hypocrisy after being the victim herself of 'trolling' in the past.

The television personality and comedian landed herself in hot water on the weekend after she retweeted a photo of Scott Morrison's wife in a high-neck black dress as she watched her husband sign a condolence book for the late Prince Philip.  

'I genuinely thought this was a photoshopped Handmaid's Tale meme. But no. It's 21st century Aussie life,' she posted to Twitter.

The Today host dismissed Szubanski's claim that Morrison was yet to reveal her values publicly, saying she'd been transparent with the things she believed in and questioning the Kath and Kim actress' motives.

'I do love Magda but as someone who has been trolled online by bullies before and spoken of the toll it's taken on her mental health, I wonder why she did this,' Langdon said on Thursday morning. 

Allison Langdon has questioned Magda Szubanski's motives in criticising Jenny Morrison - accusing the TV star of hypocrisy after being the victim herself of 'trolling' in the past

Magda Szubanski says she didn't recognise Jenny Morrison (left) in this photo of her watching her husband Prime Minister Scott Morrison sign a condolence book for the late Prince Philip 

The left-wing comedian had retweeted a photo of Mrs Morrison watching her husband sign a condolence book for the late Prince Philip, captioning the image: 'I genuinely thought this was a photoshopped Handmaid's Tale meme. But no. It's 21st century Aussie life'

Szubanski defended the controversial tweet that compared Mrs Morrison to an enslaved woman in the dystopian thriller The Handmaid's Tale on A Current Affair on Wednesday night.

She claims she didn't even recognise that the woman in the photo was Mrs Morrison, as she wasn't wearing her 'normal hair and make-up' and insisted she wasn't have a crack at her appearance - but later added the Prime Minister's wife was 'fair game'.  

'I genuinely, when I first saw I did not realise it was Jenny Morrison, because it looks different for her,' Szubanski told host Tracey Grimshaw.

'She normally has her hair and make-up and the whole thing, and if people can believe me, I'd take a lie detector if they don't, I didn't realise it was her.

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie, who appeared alongside Langdon on the morning show on Thursday, disagreed with the host saying it was nothing but 'good Aussie humour'.

'You can look at it as trolling, with what's going on on social media there is a lot of trolling going on but I think people want to chuck some Aussie humour in there,' Lambie said.

'I didn't see it as offensive myself.'  

'I think a lot of people think it was unfair and unnecessary,' Langdon replied.  

The actress said Mrs Morrison (pictured, far left, during a visit to Washington DC with her husband to meet the Trumps) was 'fair game' as she was an important political figure

Szubanski insisted on ACA many others on social media expressed a similar reaction to the photo. 

'I just that it was a strange PR photograph and all I'm suggesting is with that comment. Why would you put something that looks like 'The Handmaid's Tale' as a photo op? Scott Morrison is the master of spin, Szubanski added' 

'If I was the only one who had that reaction you'd think, 'Oh, Magda has an angle,' but heaps of people did.'   

'I was actually coming off the back of other people commenting and it took me a while to twig that it was her.'  

Szubanski reiterated she wasn't commenting on Mrs Morrison's appearance but believe the Prime Minister's wife is fair game for criticism.

'I can't prevent other people from saying what they're saying and I think doing a media pile-on people appearance isn't something I would condone,' she said.

'That's why I reasonably quickly said that is not what this is. 

'I'm just saying this as an inept PR photo, and then it developed into this whole other thing.'

Magda Szubanski defended the tweet when she addressed the saga on A Current Affair on Wednesday night

Magda Szubanski believes Jenny Morrison (pictured) is 'fair game' when it comes to public criticism

The actress, best-known for playing netballer Sharon in beloved Australian comedy Kath and Kim, insisted she did not mean to spark criticism of Mrs Morrison's appearence.

'Do I think that a pile-on of Jenny Morrison's appearance is OK? Absolutely not. But do I think it is legitimate to critique her, yes I do. She is the Prime Minister's wife,' she added.

'You can opt in or out of public life and Scott Morrison frequently uses her as a policy advisor. 

'He says, 'I spoke to Jenny about this and that.' If she is going to have some sort of influence in public life I want to know what are her values, what kind of woman is she?' 

Szubanski told the program she was shocked at the backlash the tweet has sparked but insists she was doing 'okay' after celebrating her 60th birthday on Monday.

'I'm becoming Twitter toughened and if you speak up, this is what's going to happen,' Szubanski said.

'What stunned me was this was such a non-event, and non- comment - it was a comment about a photo that I genuinely thought was a meme.

'I was a bit staggered that I got drawn into this over such a nothing observation that thousands of people had already made on Twitter, made that comment,'

'I think it's sort of a fact of 21st century life if you are at all a public person, you do get better at it, but it seems excessive as to what the actual tweet was. It certainly wasn't at a tirade as it has been called.' 

Jenny and Scott Morrison (pictured together on April 11 at a prayer service for Prince Philip after his death) have two children 

Earlier on Wednesday, Szubanski fired of a series of angry tweets amid growing backlash and argued Mrs Morrison was fair game for criticism because she had 'opted in' to public life by offering her husband policy advice.

Szubanski also suggested the outrage was distracting from ousted Australia Post boss Christine Holgate's scorching testimony against the PM at a Senate Inquiry 

Responding to criticism from Liberal MP Nicolle Flint - one of several conservative female politicians who took issue with her Handmaid's Tale tweet - Szubanski wrote: '1) seriously, my comment is 'appalling' says Flint. 'Appalling'?! 

'2) I never said a single word about Jenny. 3) why is this headline news when... Christine Holgate is testifying?! Blatant attempt to use 'sisterhood' to distract. Now THAT'S appalling.'

The Handmaid's Tale is a novel written by American author Margaret Atwood, later adapted into a hit US TV series, about the aftermath of a fictional religious revolution.

It leaves the majority of the US controlled by a totalitarian patriarchal regime and renamed 'Gilead', a land where fertile women are raped and used for their childbearing abilities after a global plummet in birth rates.

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