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Tired woman discovers cat relentlessly hits her as she sleeps

A woman who wondered why she felt so tired when she woke up has discovered her cat prods her for hours while she sleeps after catching the culprit red-handed thanks to pet cam. 

Taking to TikTok, the anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, who goes by the username @susieandmollie, penned: 'I'm so tired in the morning, I knew I was being woken up...so set up a night vision camera to find out what was going on...'

In the short clip, the cat owner can be seen sleeping in her bed in a darkened room as the TV plays in the background, when, out of nowhere, two piercing eyes appear in shot. 

As the furry feline, known as Ginger, jumps onto the bed, he then takes a seat next to his owner, before continuously tapping her with his paw.

An anonymous woman, (pictured, asleep), believed to be from the UK, set about trying to find out why she kept waking up feeling tired 

After installing pet cam, footage revealed her cat Ginger was the culprit - and continuously prodded her throughout the night

Taking to the comments section, one person penned: 'My cat does this! She will harass me all night some nights. I’ve read it's because she’s a senior and older cats get dementia and sometimes are confused' (pictured)

Incredibly, the continuous prodding occurs from the hours of 11pm-3am - with no let up.

In a bid to make the woman feel better, others took the opportunity to share stories of their equally mischievous moggies.

'My cat does this! She will harass me all night some nights. I’ve read it's because she’s a senior and older cats get dementia and sometimes are confused,' wrote one. 

The pet owner was baffled to find Ginger continuously hit her from 11pm-3am as she slept. Pictured, together 

A second penned: 'How respectful...my cat sits on my pillow and paws at my face like that. His favourite is to do it after he gets out of the litter box,' while a third commented: 'At least yours begs for attention right near you. Mine just makes noise by knocking things over, scratching the carpet, hitting the blinds etc.' 

A fourth added: 'Mine just jumps on my side and goes to sleep. She's kind of like a weighted blanket because I can't move when she is on me,' wrote another.

Elsewhere, others offered possible explanations to the continuous prodding.

'This is how one of my friends found out they had sleep apnoea. Cat woke them up every time they stopped breathing,' wrote one, while a second agreed: 'Do you snore? Have you been tested for sleep apnoea? Sometimes cats will check on you if they're worried about you.'

A third penned: 'Mine did the same and now I lift the covers and she climbs in and falls asleep with me. Try it! They like the warmth and tight cosy places.'

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