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Thugs who stabbed Tony Mokbel in jail sentenced to more jail time

The young thugs who taunted drug lord Tony Mokbel before stabbing him with  homemade knives have laughed like banshees upon hearing they would spend at least seven years in jail each. 

Teira Bennett and Eldea Teuira, both 22, pleaded guilty to stabbing the 53-year-old in the exercise yard of Victoria's Barwon Prison in February last year.

The pair had appeared in the County Court of Victoria via videolink where the men laughed upon Judge Elizabeth Gaynor leaving the court room after giving her sentence. 

'What a dog, hey,' Bennett exclaimed. 

'What a f**king psycho,' Teuira responded.  

Eldea Teuira believed Tony Mokbel got what he deserved in the attack that left him fighting for life

Teira Bennett (pictured) and Eldea Teuira, both 21, pleaded guilty to stabbing the 53-year-old in the exercise yard of Victoria's Barwon Prison on February 11  last year

Tony Mokbel is treated by paramedics after being attacked in jail in what has been described as a 'snuff movie'

The pair had been blasted by the highly respected judge just moments earlier when she sentenced them both to 10 years in jail with non-parole periods of seven years. 

The sentences were lumped on top of jail they were already serving at the time, meaning Bennett must serve at least eight years and Teuira eight and a half. 

'That's a fair whack,' Bennett chuckled. 

Both men seemed confused upon hearing the sentence and continued to laugh and chat among themselves while still on the public video link. 

'Oh well, it is what it is,' Teuira told Bennett. 

When Teuira's barrister warned the men they were still being broadcast, Teuira sent a message to the public. 

'I love jail. I love jail,' he shouted as Bennett cackled with laughter.  

The court had been packed with socially distanced supporters of the pair, with two men being removed briefly before the sentence even began. 

The prisoners had continued to litter the courtroom from afar with profanity while waiting for justice to be served. 

As the hearing began, they chatted and failed to stand as the judge entered the court room. 

Mokbel was king-hit and stabbed seven times  by the men with cutlery and sharpened wires and kicked in the head, knocking out his teeth.

So violent was the attack, the court refused to release footage of it to the media. 

'It's a bit like a snuff movie if you like. It's a killing. I'm not releasing it for public consumption,' she said.  

The ageing gangster was unable to move from the moment he was attacked and failed to defend himself as the pair assaulted him.

As the assault attracted attention from other inmates and prison guards, the men could be heard screaming: 'You’re not an enforcer, this is what you get for talking to the screws you f**king dog.'

They had smiled and chuckled throughout most of the sentence.  

The attack, which left Mokbel with bleeding on the brain, is believed to have been sparked by a news report claiming Mokbel was a 'top enforcer' in jail.

On the same day the report was released, Mokbel was approached by prison officers questioning whether he had concerns about what it said.

The report detailed how Mokbel had allegedly disrupted an extortion racket being run in the prison by Pacific Islanders, who had targeted a teenager locked up on assault charges.

'All he has to do is say the word, and people listen,' a source said at the time. 

Eldea Teuira and Teira Bennett in a court sketch from an earlier appearance. The men both laughed their way through their sentence on Wednesday 

Mokbel was unable to move from the moment he was attacked and failed to defend himself as the pair assaulted him

Bleeding from his mouth and chest, Mokbel was airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital and was considered to be in a serious but stable condition

The gangland figure said he wasn't concerned by the report and believed it was just a money-making ploy. 

But in the months after his attack a journalist was threatened with death by Mokbel's goons on the outside. 

Just an hour before the frenzied jail house attacked, Mokbel had attended Teuira's 21st birthday celebrations, where the pair 'embraced' and were seen chatting. 

Bleeding from his mouth and chest, Mokbel was airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition. 

A second victim, aged 31, was also injured while trying to help Mokbel, but returned to prison after spending a night in hospital. 

Mokbel was so severely injured he underwent emergency surgery and was placed in a coma. 

A summary of the incident revealed Mokbel was king-hit and stabbed seven times by Teuira as Bennett (pictured) kicked him in the head 

The homemade weapons used to stab Tony Mokbel inside Barwon Prison last year. His attackers both laughed upon hearing details of their savage attack

Prosecutor Kristie Churchill said both men had shown 'no insight, no remorse and no explanation as to why they attacked Mokbel in the exercise yard last year. 

Both men had already been serving serious jail time for violent offences and now spend their time in 22-hour lockdown. 

In scenes reminiscent of the AFL Brownlow Medal broadcast, the men smiled as their extensive criminal histories were read out to the court.  

In sentencing, Judge Gaynor said she accepted the brutal attack was a direct result of the newspaper article and the men's attempt to restore honour to their jailhouse gang 'GFAM'. 

She blasted the young prisoners, warning them their lives would be left in ruin if they continued their violent ways. 

'Let me tell you, gentleman, in a few years GFAM and the bros are not going to do it for you ... you're going to want a life,' she said. 

'You may think you're heroes within the jail but do you think in 20 years time that's going to matter?'

Judge Gaynor painted a grim picture of the lives the men could expect if they continued to offend and suggested they were both cowards for the attack on Mokbel. 

'The only reason you are getting any attention is because it was Tony Mokbel. At the end of the day you two young blokes - two on one - mauled and maimed a 53-year old man,' she said. 

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